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UK staff work hardest but play least

Comments are closed. UK staff work hardest but play leastOn 16 Apr 2002 in Personnel Today People in the UK work harder, spend less time on holiday and pay more forgoods and in tax than other Europeans. A study by Bradford & Bingley shows British employees clock up anaverage of 8.7 hours a day at work compared to 7.7 hours in Italy, 7.9 hours inFrance and 8 hours in Germany. The research reveals that average household income in the UK is the highestin Europe at £35,917 but British workers pay more tax and social securitycontributions than other Europeans. UK households are left with the highest disposable income, but this iseroded by the higher cost of living, the report finds. Britons also save the least proportion of their disposable incomes – onaverage just five per cent. In comparison the French save 15.8 per cent oftheir income, the Germans 15.1 per cent, the Spanish 11.6 per cent, while theItalians manage to put away 10.2 per cent. Ian Darby, group commercial director at Bradford & Bingley, said:”We found that, rather than being rewarded for longer working hours andfewer days holiday, everyday items cost us far more than our Europeancounterparts – and we suffer a higher tax burden.” He said the average UK household has to work from 1 January to 15 April justto pay the gross income tax bill. UK employees also have least time off with only 28 days each year onaverage, including public and annual holidays, compared to 47 days in France,46 in Spain and 41 days in Germany. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article read more