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Hempstead Woman Hit, Killed by Car

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 50-year-old woman was fatally struck by a car while crossing a road in Roosevelt shortly after midnight on Memorial Day.Nassau County police said Maria Cebellos, of Hempstead, was crossing Nassau Road at the corner of West Roosevelt Avenue when she was hit by a Ford sedan at 12:10 a.m. Monday.The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.Homicide Squad detectives inspected the vehicle and determined that there was no criminality involved, but the investigation is continuing.last_img read more


Following the star

first_img Tweet Share FaithLifestyleLocalNews Following the star by: – January 9, 2012 22 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring!center_img Photo credit: shutterstock.comFrom the word “magi” have derived words like “magic” and “magician,” but the primary association of the word as it informs the Gospel today was nothing like sleight of hand but people who studied and read the stars. Magi were magicians of the sky, astrologers, who providing people not with daily horoscopes but with guidance in a cosmic sense. Astrology was a respected discipline. For centuries, sailors, for instance, had guided their ships by watching and consulting the stars. Magi were (you may say) among the ordinary scientists of their time.That’s the general intellectual climate behind today’s gospel. From the historical angle, around the year 7BC, an unuusal interplay took place between the planets Jupiter and Saturn. For Israelites, Jupiter, the largest planet, was “the king of the heavens,” and Saturn “the protector of Israel.” Biblical commentary regarding this fact nted that this unusual interplay is said to occur every eight hundred years, and planetariums today can in fact duplicate the night sky on these famous dates to facilitate a glimpse not only into what the ancients saw but also what they ‘read’ from the occurrence.One historian of ancient Rome (Suetonius), for instance, wrote around his time that there was a prevailing rumour that the ruler of the world would come from Judaea. It is with the background that we must read this visit of “the wise mean/kings/astrologers.” “Astrologers” may be the best descriptive term of all.They followed the star from the East and consulted Herod about it. They presumed naturally that someone in Herod’s position would have information relevant to their search. Kings in those ways would have had astrologers at court, much as Presidents today have different teams of advisors.The child the wise men found was not the child destined to rule the world in the way children of kings ordinarily did. And the gifts they offered gave us a symbolic preview of this difference. Gold was there, of course, the most precious of metals, fit for royalty therefore; frankincense, a religious symbol of offerings ascending to heaven, and myrrh, a medicinal treatment for wounds and bleeding but also an embalming ointment. Not the usual set of gifts you bring when children, even children destined to be kings, are born.It’s the way the Bible has of foreshadowing Jesus’ later history. Clearly therefore written in a later time when what was foreshadowed had already occurred. We are not dealing with biography in the usual sense but with a more spiritual reading of the life of Jesus. We’re seeing hints and foreshadowings of future events in the very beginning.The gospel today can also bear another meaning, more poetic perhaps than the foregoing, but very spiritual in its own way. The star the wise men said they followed was “his” star. Behind the use of the possessive adjective lies the hint of a belief that at birth everyone has a particular star, or at everyone one’s birth a particular star rises. The pattern of one’s life’s journey lies in following that star.This is everyone’s vocation, and it means more than choosing or having a career, though the choice of a career may be a major index of one’s vocation. It means the entire configuration of one’s life, how one is meant to exist and conduct oneself in the world, where one is called to go and what one is called to do.Everyone’s star is thus unique. I have a vocation to discover and live quite unlike anyone else’s ever in history, either before or after. There has never been a vocational possibility like mine nor will there ever be. In being true to that possibility I will more likely than not find happiness even in this life. I will realize my true self in a way no other path or choice will ever make possible. My choice here in fact represents another dimension of my faith not simply as trust but as obedience.By: Father Henry Charles Ph.D Share Sharelast_img read more


Local police officer accused of trying to buy drugs in Lantana

first_imgLantana police are reporting that a Margate police officer has been placed on administrative leave after the officer was allegedly caught attempting to purchase drugs during a sting operation.According to the investigation, the Lantana Police department began working with a suspect they arrested on Tuesday with 16 ounces of meth. During the suspect’s arrest, the suspect claimed that they knew of an officer who may be willing to buy the drugs.Authorities allowed the suspect to contact the officer, identified as Margate police Officer Christopher Kanan, via text messages to set up an exchange.Officer Kanan agreed to meet the suspect at an apartment complex to buy an ounce of meth for $500 and a liter of GHB for $300.The officer was instead met by an undercover officer.At the apartment complex the undercover officer handed Officer Kanan fake meth in a water bottle. Officer Kanan examined the bottle several times and claimed that something did not look right about the bottle and asked to speak with the police affiliate. That’s when the undercover officer told Kanan that the affiliate was in the shower and would be out any minute.Kanan then asked the undercover officer if he could take the bottle of water outside to his girlfriend and once Kanan stepped out of the apartment he was arrested.Officials say they found two wads of cash one for the amount of $500 and another for the amount of $300 inside of his pockets. They also found a  9 mm handgun and a small clear container of GHB in Kanan’s truck.During a police interview, Kanan told investigators that he was currently on administrative leave from the police department for testing positive for meth in July, however, he did not remember sending any text messages to their affiliate about purchasing drugs but that he made arrangements to help his friend move plastic bins from one apartment to another. Kanan also refused to show investigators his phone.Authorities have since launched a separate internal investigation into the incident but as of Thursday, it was reported that Kanan was placed on leave without pay.last_img read more