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153 Green Building Acronyms and Initials

first_imgDOEDepartment of Energy APHNAmerican Passive House Network NAPHNNorth American Passive House Network (a.k.a. APHN) KISSkeep it simple, stupid PDWpre-drywall wrtwith respect to ACCAAir Conditioning Contractors of America ACH50air changes per hour at 50 Pascals BOPBuilder Option Package ACIAffordable Comfort Inc. HDDheating degree days ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act CAZcombustion appliance zone AFUEannualized fuel utilization efficiency ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute TESPtotal external static pressure ERVenergy (or enthalpy) recovery ventilator SMACNASheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association SPFASpray Polyurethane Foam Association SIPAStructural Insulated Panel Association HPhome performance EqLAequivalent leakage area CCFhundred cubic feet CHPcombined heat & power BASbuilding airflow standard RTFMread the friendly manual LCAlife cycle analysis FHAU.S. Federal Housing Authority FLAfour letter acronym or five letter acronym Get the full listIf you’d like the list of what is currently 153 acronyms and initials in both pdf and MS Excel formats, go here: Get the List!.I hope you find it useful. If you’re relatively new to the field, this list can be quite handy. If you’ve been in the field for a while, you probably know all or most of what’s here, but maybe you have some others that you think I should add. Let me know. Acronyms and initials (let’s call that AI,† for short, not to be confused with the other AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, or AIA, which stands for American Institute of Architects) are part of the jargon of every field. Our field, whether you call it building science, green building, home performance, or something else, is no exception. So, a few years ago I started putting together a list that I now include in the manuals that we give out in our training classes.I’m up to 153 total lines in my list, which our students find helpful in sorting out all the jargon that’s new to them. When you first come into this field and start getting the barrage of ACH50, HVAC, COP, HDD, WRB, and more thrown at you, it’s good to have somewhere you can look these things up.Also, if two AI have the same definition, I included them on the same line. For example, SHR and SHF both refer to the same quantity, even though one uses the word fraction and the other ratio. LBLLawrence Berkeley Laboratory (old name, still used by some) EPSexpanded polystyrene BSCBuilding Science Corporation ECMelectronically commutated motor IEQindoor environmental quality ACHnatair changes per hour natural LEED APLEED Accredited Professional cfm50cubic feet per minute at 50 Pascals PVpresent value ELREnvelope/Enclosure Leakage Ratio ELAenvelope/enclosure leakage area AHRIAir Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute COPcoefficient of performance NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology HVACHeating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning EIMEnergy Improvement Mortgage COcertificate of occupancy AHJauthority having jurisdiction ICFinsulated concrete form VOCvolatile organic compound IRECInterstate Renewable Energy Council PMproject manager IAQindoor air quality DIYdo it yourself ZEBzero energy building (should be ‘net’ zero) HPwESHome Performance with Energy Star EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency IECCInternational Energy Conservation Code CO2carbon dioxide ASHPair-source heat pump ES / ESTAREnergy Star NCINational Comfort Institute (not to be confused with Comfort Institute) EIAEnergy Information Administration SIPstructural insulated panel SWAGscientific wild-ass guess BTUBritish Thermal Unit When a single AI has two different definitions, however, I put them on separate lines. The only one I have like that right now is CO, which could stand for carbon monoxide or certificate of occupancy.Anyway, I’m sure you’re dying to find out what RTFM stands for, so let’s get on with it. Below is a table of my 153 acronyms and initials. If you want to download the list, see the link below the table. EFenergy factor cfmcubic feet per minute Allison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a speaker, writer, energy consultant, RESNET-certified trainer, and the author of the Energy Vanguard Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @EnergyVanguard. OSBoriented strand board EEMenergy efficient mortgage XPSextruded polystyrene HUDU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development IRinfrared AHUair handler unit HSPFheating season performance factor CYAcover your ass USGBCU.S. Green Building Council NRELNational Renewable Energy Laboratory CDDcooling degree days HEPAhigh efficiency particulate air GWPglobal warming potential VRVvariable refrigerant volume LEDlight emitting diode ICCInternational Code Council iwginches of water gauge (pressure unit, same as iwc) GSHPground-source heat pump RELATED WEBPAGE GBA Glossary iwcinches of water column (pressure unit) NAHBNational Association of Home Builders OCEANOnline Code Environment and Advocacy Network EFLEnvironments for Living Footnote† AI isn’t an acronym because if you tried to say it, someone might dial 911. To be an acronym, it’d have to make a nice word-like sound. Something like IMP (Insulation Manufacturers and Partners) or LUST (leaking underground storage tank), for example. (Only one of those is something I made up, btw.) AI isn’t an abbreviation either, which is usually a shortened version of a single word. And don’t get me started on contractions! No, AI is a set of initials, which is usually the word people should use when they call something an acronym. PVphotovoltaic CZclimate zone OEMoriginal equipment manufacturer ASTMAmerican Society for Testing and Materials MECModel Energy Code SHF or SHRsensible heat fraction (or ratio) QADQuality Assurance Designee IRCInternational Residential Code NZENet Zero Energy NASEONational Association of State Energy Offices COcarbon monoxide LBNLLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ASHRAEAmer. Soc. of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-conditioning Engineers NPVnet present value HERSHome Energy Rating System WRBwater-resistive barrier (not weather-resistant barrier) HOT2000A type of Canadian energy modeling software EERenergy efficiency ratio ORNLOak Ridge National Laboratory AGWabove-grade wall RESNETResidential Energy Services Network SFBEsquare footage of building enclosure PHAUSPassive House Alliance U.S. PTACpackaged terminal air conditioner BABuilding America LEEDLeadership in Energy & Environmental Design IEAInternational Energy Agency PPEpersonal protective equipment GCgeneral contractor CFAconditioned floor area BPIBuilding Performance Institute QAquality assurance RECSResidential Energy Consumption Survey SPFspray polyurethane foam TLAthree letter acronym NATENorth American Technician Excellence AACautoclaved aerated concrete PTHPpackaged terminal heat pump SEERseasonal energy efficiency ratio AcronymWhat it stands for RHrelative humidity BSbuilding science SHGCsolar heat gain coefficient ADCAir Distribution Council CFLcompact fluorescent lamp HRVheat recovery ventilator VRFvariable refrigerant flow ABAAAir Barrier Association of America MERVMinimum Efficiency Reporting Value FROGfinished room over garage GBAGreen Building Advisor BCAPBuilding Codes Assistance Project ZPDzone pressure diagnostics TXV or TEVthermal expansion valve NPPneutral pressure plane PHIUSPassive House Institute U.S. BTLbuilding tightness limit SIRsavings investment ratio PSCpermanent split capacitor ES V3Energy Star version 3 WUFIWärme-und Feuchtetransport instationär ICATinsulation contact, air tight (designation for recessed can lights) Sorry. No definitions for the AI above. The purpose of this list is just to help people decode the letters when they hear or read them. Some of these terms are defined in the GBA glossary. SDOStandards Development Organization (ANSI designation) ADAanother damn acronym (although this would really be initials) OVEOptimal Value Engineering (includes advanced framing)last_img read more