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100000 persons in Malta have nobody to trust in

first_imgA new research on relationships and the emotional and social state of individuals in Malta shows that over 100,000 persons have nobody whom they can trust.The research was conducted by Prof. Andrew Azzopardi, who is the Dean of the Faculty for Social Well-Being within the University of Malta, and Prof. Marilyn Clark from the same faculty, and supported by Research Officer Jamie Bonnici. The information was collected from the National Statistics Office. The margins of errors are minimal as the sample was quite large. Interviewed persons were all over 11 years old.How do individuals feel about loneliness and friendships? Prof. Azzopardi describes the results as shocking. 180,470 persons who amount to 44% of the whole sample feel lonely. 51,252 persons said that they feel out of place within our community, 29,775 persons feel that they have nobody to talk to. 55,114 persons feel that they nobody to rely on when a problem arises and 75,010 persons feel that they cannot call their friends when they are in time of need.On the other side of the coin, 44,660 persons struggle through difficult moments, 16,759 persons feel rejected, and 19,555 persons miss having close friendships whilst 65,290 persons feel emptiness.Income83,821 persons who amount to 19.5% of the interviewed sample feel that their income is low.How do disabled persons feel?This study also looked into specific groups, such as disabled persons. From the sample identified as disabled, 16,936 persons feel that they have limited accessibility because of their disability. 15,957 persons feel limited in socialisation.Some positive points…There are also so encouraging figures such as the 382,738 persons that feel positivity in their life.WhatsApp <a href=’https://sp2.img.hsyaolu.com.cn/wp-shlf1314/2023/IMG1744.jpg” alt=”last_img” /> read more