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Youre fired Jetstar pilot sacked over safety concerns

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F Low-cost carrier Jetstar has made a controversial decision to sack Joseph Eakins, an experienced pilot, after he voiced his concerns over the airlines’ offshore employment strategy in a Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece. In the SMH opinion piece, Mr Eakins wrote, the culture of aviation safety in Australia will be “obliterated if the offshoring push continues”,   “Draconian workplace conditions can be imposed through the use of foreign ‘bases of convenience’, allowing …Third World wages and working conditions,” he wrote. Jetstar spokesman Simon Westaway told Ninemsn that the opinion piece breached the Qantas subsidiary’s code of conduct”’It relates to not making public information which is either false or misleading or brings the company into disrepute,” he was quoted as saying by the Sydney Morning Herald.”There are mechanisms around the release of information to the public and they obviously weren’t followed and were in breach of the agreements.” The Australian and International Pilots Association said it would challenge Jetstar under the unfair dismissal laws and hopes that Mr Eakins’ will be reinstated. last_img read more