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Apple also trying to block sales of Motorola Xoom through German court

first_imgYesterday we reported that Apple had succeeded in gaining an injunction against Samsung and the distribution of the Galaxy Tab across most of Europe. That means no sales of the Galaxy Tab are allowed going forward and until the case is resolved. Even then, it could mean Samsung can’t sell the Tab across Europe again if it loses in court.Now it has been revealed that Apple also filed a similar injunction request against Motorola targeting the Xoom tablet. The same German court has been used, but it doesn’t look as though a decision has been made yet regarding that case. If it’s the same as the Samsung complaint then it relates to industrial design intellectual property rather than specific hardware and software patents.It has also come to light that Apple has been successful in stopping a further tablet being released by German company JAY-tech, but it hasn’t been revealed what that tablet was specifically. The safe bet is on it being another Android tablet, but we may never know now if it had any potential next to the growing list of tablets running Google’s OS.The fate of Motorola’s tablet hangs in the air, and if there are any similarities with the case against Samsung then it’s probably going to result in the Xoom being taken off sale too. However, Motorola is already fighting Apple in the courts over 40+ patents, so they may be in a better position to negotiate with Apple.As it currently stands, Apple is fairing better against its keytablet and smartphone competitors in the courts. Samsung has been forced to stop selling the Galaxy Tab, HTC is awaiting a decision in November regarding Android, and Motorola is having to defend both its patents and devices against the company.Read more at FOSS Patentslast_img read more