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Sad Santa Emoji discovered on Android keyboard

first_imgFor this holiday season, it really seems like Google has spared nothing to make sure the holiday spirit is alive in as many people as possible. That is, of course, until you take a look at the Santa Emoji on the Android 4.2.1 keyboard.Emoji have forever been the harmless little addition to the digital keyboard that allows you to send a little more than a smiley face. They aren’t used by everyone, but those who do use them are rather attached to them. The Android 4.2.1 keyboard is bristling with new features, including the Swype like function to write sentences. The Emoji lineup for Android includes a Santa icon, but at first glance it does not appear that old Saint Nick is enjoying the season quite as much as he should.Since Emoji are small, there are usually as few lines as possible used in their creation. As a result, the Santa Emoji doesn’t actually have a mouth. Zooming in on the icon shows that the line you see is actually the end of his mustache. Unfortunately, staring down at this icon from a few feet away when it is only a couple of pixels across to begin with, it much more closely resembles a frown. This was discovered a couple of days ago by an Android user who submitted the bug using the appropriate reporting tool for Android, even suggesting a replacement Emoji that shows the big man with a much jollier expression on his face.Obviously this should be the highest of priorities for Google right now, but it does show the side affects of building a small icon on a large screen and how easy it is to change a graphic with a single drawn line.via Code.Google/Androidlast_img read more