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Blizzard imposes 15 percent sales and transfer fees for Diablo III auctions

first_imgIn the first two Diablo games Blizzard had no real system in place for dealing with trading items and gear for cash. That lead to players coming up with their own methods of buying and selling, many of which were risky because you had to give out payment information to third parties.For Diablo III, Blizzard has embraced trading both using in-game gold and real-world currencies. However, expect to pay a significant amount of Blizzard tax when selling gear.Although the support of item sales in the game has been known about for a while, until now Blizzard hasn’t stated what kind of cut it will take from such sales. Now we know, and it’s a significant chunk of your final sale price depending on what you decide to do with the subsequent funds.Blizzard will take 15% of the final sale price of any commodities (not equipment), then a further 15% if you decide to transfer the payment using a third-party (e.g. PayPal) and into real-world cash. However, you will also incur a further charge depending on which payment service you use to get the cash into your bank account.If you want to avoid the 15% transfer fee and subsequent third-party fees, you can just take the initial 15% sales tax hit and keep the funds in your Battle.net account. It can then be used in Diablo III to buy more stuff, or to purchase digital versions of other Blizzard games.For equipment (weapons/armor), there’s a different set of rules. Every piece of equipment you sell incurs a $1 charge in the real-money auction house and then the 15% transfer fee. For the gold auction house, it’s the 15% sales fee instead of the $1 charge.Anyone planning on spending all their time selling items from the game also has a balance cap and active auction cap to deal with. You can only have $250 in your Battle.net account. Once that limit is reached you can’t auction anything until your funds are transferred or spent. The other limit is the active auction cap, which is set at 10 auctions.Read more at Kotaku and the Diablo III Auction House FAQlast_img read more