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Sonys tentative E3 lineup laid out in massive rumordump

first_imgAnother year, another crop of E3 rumors — but even a jaded, Kentia-hardened veteran would have to sit up and take notice at the sheer volume of one in particular, this week.Gaming website DualShockers has a long list of prophecies from an anonymous but knowledgeable source — two, in fact. The predictions come in two flavors: anonymously sourced and anonymously double-sourced. All of it is suspect of course, and even if true today could easily change by the start of E3 in June. Still, the double-sourced entries at least beg some interested speculation.Top the list is a new game in Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise. The game will allegedly get a full in-engine trailer with bits of gameplay interspersed. Whoever provided this tip took the time to mention that the graphics are jaw-dropping (though you didn’t have to be Nostradamus to see that coming), and that they set a new benchmark for console graphics.Another double-sourced rumor incorporates the still-shadowy Project Morpheus virtual reality kit. Media Molecule, the studio behind Little Big Planet, is reportedly working on a 3D world building game that likely incorporates the sculpting functionality seen at the PS4’s debut.More out of character is Guerrilla Games, which is known for the Killzone franchise. According to both sources, the shooter company will debut an RPG project in an all-new and reportedly provocative world. That seems to fit, actually; the Killzone games always seemed to have social and philosophical points that were poorly suited to the shooter genre. With its grand historical allegories and grand political speeches, Killzone 2 played as though its developers wanted to be doing something else — and maybe they did.Imagine how this project might look when built for the PS4.The last double-sourced rumor concerns Sony’s own in-house studios, including the long-MIA Team Ico and its troubled project The Last Guardian. Reportedly retooled for the PS4, it will debut alongside a Demon Souls spiritual successor and a third internal project too secret even for these leakers to know much about them.The rumors mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, with other interesting tidbits including mention of a live demo of Drive Club to a reboot of Siphon Filter.Whether they’re true or not, these rumors mark the beginning of con season. Happy Holidays.last_img read more