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Amateur Inventor Creates Realish Iron Man Suit

first_img Robert Downey Jr.’s Footprint Coalition Saves The Earth With TechMarvel Fans Create Petition Urging for the Return of Iron Man Stay on target At some point or another, you’ve wanted to be Iron Man. Or, more specifically, you’ve wanted to be Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. It’s okay to admit. He’s suave, witty, and he has that kick-ass suit. No one’s judging. Richard Browning, a 38-year-old Englishman, not satisfied with the fantasy decided to make his own working flight suit.The intrepid inventor unveiled his creation recently, and while it’s no match for the films or the comics, it’s still pretty impressive.Browning used an array of tiny jet engines attached to his body for thrust. He worked on the project for well over a year, tinkering with all sorts of variables until one day, he got it.Nicknamed Daedalus, after the mythical Greek inventor, the exosuit could, in theory, lift its pilot more than 300 feet off the ground and at speeds up to 60 mph. But Browning’s no daredevil, and he’s not flown more than a few feet up at relatively modest speeds.In time, he says, Browning will test longer flights. “There is also some parallel development going on with airbag and parachute technology to enhance safety and allow us to fly higher — for example, above water,” he told Live Science.If you want your own suit, it will run about a quarter million. “It’s something you can buy instead of a Lamborghini,” Browning quipped. “It’s not intended for mass markets at this stage.”Right now, steering is all done with the person’s own body strength. That’s no problem for Browning, an experienced ultramarathon runner, and callisthenic stuntman, but it certainly isn’t for everyone just yet.While it’s cool to see modern tech edge a bit closer to the fantastical Marvel universe, truly matching the capabilities of Stark’s suit is almost certainly impossible. Power is the big killer. Even if you can make it in a miniaturized fusion reactor, the heat would vaporize you instantly. Oh damn, now I’ve made myself sad… This is why I’m bitter, no how cool something is, I always gotta poke holes.But seriously, watch this stuff in action, it’s incredible.last_img read more