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Proof of concept game improves on Portal by adding Snapshot

first_imgI don’t think anyone can deny that the idea behind the Valve game Portal is a very clever one that translated well into video game form. If you’d asked me if it could be improved upon before today I’d have ummd and ahhed. But now I believe it can, or at least, there’s a more clever version in development.Game designer and artist Arthur Lee, otherwise known as Mr Podunkian, has put together a proof of concept that takes the idea of Portal‘s portals, but ties it together with taking a snapshot like you do with a camera.The result is very cool and makes my mind boggle as to the gameplay possibilities it presents. Thankfully there’s a video to help explain exactly what Lee has done, which you can watch below:Lee hasn’t thought of a name for the game yet, but admits he has basically done a “rip off [of] Portal and Snapshot.” I’d suggest that although it may rip off those games, it does so in a way few others would have thought to do so, which makes it unique.The proof of concept was created using the game development tool Unity which is free to download and use. I for one hope Lee takes this past just proof of concept stage and turns it into a fully-fledged game. There’s certainly a lot of fun to be had with the possibilities the game mechanic presents. I don’t doubt there’s people at Valve looking over this video with interest, too.via Rock, Paper Shotgunlast_img read more