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Arduino launches its first robot kit complete with wheels

first_imgArduino has teamed up with the 4-time Robocup-winning Complubot Robotics team to create a new Arduino Robot kit. The robot is aimed at the novice and teaches you how it’s made as you build it, but it also doubles as a base platform from which you can build your very own custom robots.The Arduino Robot is completely open source and ships with everything you need in the box, including the hardware, software, and documentation that helps you build and use it. Also included is a brand new version of the Arduino IDE and a new LCD screen.The robot is the first Arduino on wheels and consists of two boards each with their own 16MHz processor and 32KB of flash memory. The lower board is the Motor Board and handles control of movement through the onboard motors. The upper board is the Control Board and is used to manipulate the sensors that ultimately tell the Motor Board where to go. Power is provided by 4 rechargeable AA batteries, but you can switch over to USB power when programming the Control Board (the Motor Board is disabled when in USB power mode).At just 19cm in diameter and 10cm tall, the robot certainly isn’t big, but does hold a lot of potential for the budding enthusiast. Coupled with the Arduino software and a whole host of inputs and outputs to play with, it certainly makes for a great introduction to the world of robotics.We don’t know the price of the Arduino Robot yet, but it’s meant to officially launch at the Maker Faire Bay Area event this weekend. Hopefully then we’ll find out how much it costs.last_img read more