Month: November 2017


Sharing method of enterprise website keyword quick love Shanghai home

. Keywords layout, and can add content to the website, the content here refers to the high quality in the industry, a large number of acquisition can not be for the new station, according to the positioning of the website content, to provide users with high quality original, high quality original users is not only love, love is a spider, as far as possible in the short period of time, the search engine website >

The second step: the layout of the site keywords The third step: add the content of the website read more


Shanghai Longfeng tool Daquan let website optimization effort


Webmaster Tools

Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, not overnight things early in the morning, the sea dragon Yao Shanghai small Shanghai Longfeng list some auxiliary tools, the webmaster can choose appropriate tools according to their own situation.

webmaster tools need to verify the domain name ownership, usually by the specified file upload, increase META DNS to verify or modify the site administrator, through the verification, the site administrator can inquire into their.

7, the friend said: a key synchronization comment to share the social networking platform, real-time acquisition of SNS related comments, increasing the website social flow. read more