Month: May 2017


What do you do to make money to answer small industry

find a profitable industry, entrepreneurship can be twice the result with half the effort. So, now what industry to make money? For the first time a friend, which industry is more appropriate? Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a profitable industry.

now what industry make money? Elderly health care products industry profits. The investigation shows that the elderly medicine port, health care products, health care equipment plays an increasingly large share of consumption: 1) drugs: monthly expenditure of about 400 yuan; 2) health care products: nourishing health enhanced resistance; 3) health care equipment: power consumption is not cut in health care equipment, such as wheelchairs, toilet, sphygmomanometer, instrument in the treatment of insomnia, in elderly medical consumption accounted for a small proportion. read more


How to open a beauty salon chain

now many people are paying attention to their external image, so the beauty salon chain business is also very good. If you want to open a beauty salon chain, it is necessary to master some skills. Open beauty body chain stores, found the right business plan, will be handy at the time of entrepreneurship.

A, put all the effort and time to business success is the operator’s effort and hard work for, every thing they need lots of time to finish must be completed. The success of the beauty chain operators always tirelessly to beauty chain institutions as their own home and school, learn what to learn, to receive proper training, etc.. For what you can do, what to do, please the beautician at what each, which send a beautician and so on things to which customers are very clear in mind. read more


Shutter ten brands list

The use of

shutter is very much, because of such a demand, so that the market was born a lot of brands. After all, the quality of the shutter products, will be able to directly affect the use of results. So, if you want to buy blinds products, may wish to refer to the ten major brands in the blinds, and thus choose to more reliable brand.

shutters ten brands list, NO.1 Norman Shutters: in 1974 Taiwan Yifeng Industrial Holdings, one of the world’s largest provider of wood shutters, blinds industry leading brands, Yifeng (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. curtain. read more


Xi’an science and Technology nstitute held in 2016 college graduates employment and Entrepreneurshi

just sent away in 2015 graduates, major universities are about to graduate in 2016 to prepare for employment. Xi’an University of Science And Technology held the 2016 session of the college graduates employment and entrepreneurship in the new and high school yesterday to discuss how to carry out the employment and Entrepreneurship of graduates in 2016.

2015 December 22nd morning, the 2016 high school graduates of Xi’an University of Science And Technology employment and entrepreneurship promotion meeting held in the science and Technology Building Conference room. Weng Lianzheng, vice president, assistant dean Liu Zhigao, employment office director Cheng Weixiong, vice president, two vice president Chen College of electromechanical and information Xue Mei, vice president of School of economics and management field, School of architecture and Civil Engineering Department of vice president Yang Zhongming, School of architecture and civil engineering, Xi Yang Mei Energy Institute Vice President Song Yingjia, President of the International Institute of education assistant Fei Shanshan, the employment office staff, 2016 graduating class counselors participated in the meeting, the meeting presided over by the employment office director Cheng Weixiong. read more


How to give the company a name of the atmosphere

If the

is on the market and the monotony of the store name, I’m afraid this name is no way to attract consumers, naturally can not let the store get better step operation development. If you want to store real name and for better development, also need to give the company a natural atmosphere name. So, how to give the company a name?

first, the starting point is high:

establish a good corporate image, starting from the name. The company name must transcend time and space, leading fashion, elegant and unique; standing on the highest point of The early bird catches, the name, in order to play a shock effect, a stone arouses thousand waves, quickly open the market to win customers, stabilize consumer psychology. Such as Shi Yuzhu’s "giant group" "naobaijin" brand, with its unique characteristics and timeless, enduring. read more


Ten common mistakes in sales strategy

wants to be a successful sales person, you need to master a lot of things. Investment advisers understand that in twentieth Century the largest business thinker W. EdwardsDeming believes that long-term success depends primarily on correcting errors. Keep this in mind, let’s look at how to avoid or change the ten common mistakes in the sales strategy:

1. Ignore customers when not selling.

2. Ignore the threat of competition.

3. Inattention.

4. No effective screening of customers.

5. There is no enough chance in your sales funnel. read more


Store merchandise display skills inventory

There are a lot of

store management methods, the need to pay attention to the details of a lot of problems, many of them have overlooked an important point: store merchandise display skills. What are the skills to learn? If you are not good at this question, you should learn it.

1, with the same color

with the same color of the clothes together will give people a very comfortable feeling, pay attention to the same color with the same style, the same length put together, so as not to make people feel like warehouse. read more