Month: April 2017


Fuzhou 5 Taiwan youth entrepreneurial star debut

a lot of educated young people in Taiwan to see the prospects for the development of China, have come to the mainland to invest in entrepreneurship. These young entrepreneurs Taiwan star came to Fujian debut, together with the local people to open up the two sides venture capital.

cross-strait youth entrepreneurship Incubator Center (Sanya) general manager Lin Dai said, he just came back from Taiwan recently, Taiwan Youth Federation, and in the green business association, Taiwan business mentor and Taiwan entrepreneurs exchange, a great harvest. He revealed that, in addition to the 23 companies have now settled in Taiwan, the near future will have about thirty entrepreneurs settled here in Taiwan. read more


Why do the hospital nutrition soup business is not making money and what are the whole

in such a new era, many people in order to make money in the market continue to seize the hot demand. Because of this, the month soup, soup entrance gradually fire up, Li eyes fixed on the hospital nutrition soup, fish soup, dove soup, pork ribs soup. But who would like to, he does not look at the temperature did not insist on more than two years, earn less than their hard money.

Xiao Li’s business is a real small business, the initial investment is only a thousand dollars. Jiujiang housing prices are not high, in the vicinity of the hospital to rent a house, the cost of only 200 yuan per month. After preparing some household kitchen tools began to operate. The first thing he thought of was how to get the people in the hospital to set up his own soup. He chose to print some cards. read more


2016 Sichuan Changhong in the first quarter net profit growth performance inflection point

with the increasing market competition pressure, many enterprises are facing a loss of state. Sichuan Changhong last year also failed to escape, the company due to various reasons led to the emergence of a huge loss. However, the persistence is victory, Sichuan Changhong broke the ice age, ushered in its own spring.

long lost limit. Sichuan Changhong (600839, shares) (600839) in 2016 2015 since the huge loss of performance under the influence of the weak trend, since May 3rd in a quarterly performance surge background pulled out in 2016 the first trading board, as closing at 4.04 yuan. read more


Alternative entrepreneurial story soft sister turned entrepreneur

man is the age, a lot of soft woman counter attack into the entrepreneurial business lady, card deposit more, the heart is more powerful, the life of a person is not afraid, and this process is full of ups and downs of the natural counter attack.

a rural girl, after graduating from high school into the City venture back to the sea, to create a brilliant, was the county champion private tax. A special failure, so that the peak of her career from the bottom of the valley, almost nothing. From the beginning, she has made new achievements. read more


Chicken does not lose the appetite to join the advantages

for the new era of China, a populous country, eating is a permanent topic. The demand for fast food can almost be summed up with the word hunger, want to make money, as long as you open a fast food restaurant, you can bring hot business. Choose to join the chain store, do not worry about shop. Chicken stall not thirsty lost with fried chicken, big squid, potato tower and tea and a series of products, and have high customer satisfaction. Chicken stall loss not thirsty to join, business booming, franchisee wealth more easily. read more


2015MARS nternet innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Beijing successfully concluded

as the most rapid development of science and technology, the Internet has been the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. In recent years, many entrepreneurs have chosen to start their entrepreneurial path from the Internet, many traditional industries have accelerated the integration of the Internet channels, trying to find a new path of development.

11 25 April, sponsored by the media and Thomas More cattle investment "2015MARS Internet innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (hereinafter referred to as: MARS Contest Finals ended successfully in Beijing). read more


Cacas Takoyaki business model

catering market popular Cacas Takoyaki business model has a lot of kinds, franchisees want to start their own entrepreneurial path. In what form, as long as suitable for their own good, so choose in your project at the beginning, small or to everybody to introduce specific Cacas octopus balls are stores, hoping to more convenient for you to choose.

A. small octopus Mini store:

The origin of the Japanese

products, the company for 99 years and introduced a series of transformation, the image design and packaging quality improvement in a long time, make it more adapt to consumer demand and local food culture, popular in the selection on both sides of the Changjiang River. read more


Win the heart to let shops further profit – Business

and customers to make friends, so that customer recognition, the store’s business development basically no problem. So, if you want to make a shop to create a higher profit, naturally also need to win more customers’ hearts, and the boss is to do so shop owner.

is not far from the store on a site, and a lot of people in the construction. Want to see the store owner in the eyes, hi in the heart. He realized that business opportunities are coming! So, the shop owner will take the cup, free to send bottled purified water to the thirsty people to work. When the rest of the work, and the part of the press shop subscription gave the site people read for pleasure. So in the course of contacts, people on the site soon and the shop owner familiar, quite a good impression on him. Shop owner to do things, but also gradually won the hearts of the builders on the site. read more