Month: March 2017


This year, Xining key water conservancy projects completed more than 600 million investment

This year, Xining city water conservancy construction as a basic guarantee of development and improve people’s livelihood, concentrate on pay close attention to the 6 major categories of more than 10 water conservancy projects, speed up the water and soil conservation, agricultural facilities, sewage treatment, drinking water project construction, promote the city’s water conservancy construction of the new span. Up to now, has completed 666 million yuan investment in fixed assets, the completion of the objectives and tasks of the year 71%. read more


Xining land tax invoice seventh draw a taxpayer won a prize of $80 thousand

November 6th afternoon, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau held the seventh phase of the lottery sweepstakes. The audience a total of 304 awards, a total bonus of $395 thousand, of which a taxpayer smoked a grand prize, a bonus of $80 thousand. It is understood that the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau since October 1, 2011 seventh acquisition period lottery invoice number, using a variety of ways to extensive publicity in the community, by the participants in the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau website registration invoice code and invoice number, as of September 30, 2012, registered 22534 pieces of information, the effective information 19308. Carry out the invoice sweepstakes, consumers can cultivate awareness of the invoice. (author: Yang Jian, Chen Ruifu) read more


Xining vigorously develop the cultural industry for the disabled

efforts to transform the advantages of regional culture into the cultural industry advantages of disabled people, Xining through many years of efforts to create a promotion of the disabled to get rich cultural brand.

in recent years, Xining City, the increase in disabled labor skills training at the same time, opened a special hand weaving, embroidery, tapestry Duitou, jade processing and other training courses, and relying on the Xining Hua Zhong occupation skill training schools to set up a cultural business base, actively build a cultural product sales platform, through the market operation carrier in order to promote the development of culture, exhibition promotion, hatching, drive "to provide free hand skills training, expand marketing channels, such as service commissioned consignment for the needs of the disabled. read more


Xining welcomes the eight party guest dressed

April, the provincial capital of peach blossom in full bloom, all the Spring is in the air. Enjoy this time with spring in the public, Department of tourism management major parks in Xining, have started to take action, through the training of tourism personnel, improve the management system of tourism, the park "beauty" and regulating the small hotels and other measures to prepare for the arrival of the tourist season in our province.

for park beauty

park is the city residents "garden", is the city’s front". Into April, garden workers began to plant trees in Xining people’s park. And at all levels of Xining city park green space landscape, enhance the capacity replanting replanting and facilities maintenance and improve the fine management work is also carried out simultaneously. read more


Xining 92 education projects in full swing

* Xining fifth, School of deaf and dumb comprehensive start sea lake school, art high school will start building to build the Beijing Normal University Xining experimental middle school, Xining four years of delivery by the use of D class dangerous demolition by the end of the year

– the second half of 2012, there is not much time left, I will complete the transformation of hundred-percent D level dangerous task, to the end of the year to do a comprehensive dismantling and comprehensive construction, fully closed, at the same time, fully exclude C level dangerous danger, and ensure the safety of life and the school teachers and students.

– twenty-eight in Xining, 26 in the middle school twenty-two, back to the construction safety engineering projects not completed, each node will pay close attention to the construction and acceptance, accelerate the progress in ensuring the quality and safety, in the year completed delivery.

– Shen the Middle School of Xining, fourteen medium 23 new school safety project will be strong grasp of progress, quality and safety, 4 schools did not start (Eastern 2, District 1, city level 1) will be under construction in the year.

– in accordance with the municipal government requirements, to complete the inspection work plan by the end of the fourth Xining expansion project completed and put into use; Xining fourteen relocation project main building engineering project; Xining fifth, deaf school relocation to complete the basic construction construction tasks.

– to start the two phase of the layout adjustment project, new art school, lake school, South primary school, the primary school Zhangjiawan, Zongzhai boarding primary school two, modified Huangchuan branch, expansion of the two Xining thirteen, Nanchuan road middle school, tiger Taiwan and other 9 projects at the school, according to the requirements of the municipal government will start construction.

– the nine in Xining, new Qilian Road Park Hill Primary School, School of Beijing Normal University, Xining experimental high school, seven middle school, the expansion of Xining twelve in Xining, Xining third 8 project will carry out site selection, plan design, pre land, land acquisition and other preparatory work, ready to start construction in 2013.

– to complete an engineering school reform, overall planning of the campus school construction task of the Xining seven middle school, Kunlun middle school environment to enhance the project closeout, Zongzhai middle school, Xining twenty-two, Huangchuan a campus in Xining in a environment to enhance the project will be completed on schedule, the eleven middle School of Xining, Shen in campus environment to enhance the project will complete the design and bidding bidding scheme.

– will complete Juzhu science; read more


Seoul China day Qinghai national folk culture to attract Korean audience

Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of culture, press and publication, in October 31st, the Qinghai Art Troupe held in Seoul, South Korea, the municipal plaza, "·, China day" performance. Qinghai folk culture with unique artistic charm has attracted a large number of Korean audience. The wonderful performance of the Qinghai Art Troupe further deepened the impression of the Korean audience on the great beauty of Qinghai. Korean audience gave a high evaluation of the performance of Qinghai. read more


Sanming market relocation reload opening

As of December 26th, Xining wholesale food market in the big boss, Qinghai Sanming integrated wholesale market closed the original section of the old market after the riverside road in the Hamlet, Ning Cheng Jiayuan relocation reload opening, start again!

September 25, 2013, is to promote the transformation of the Xining Railway Station project into the wholesale market in Qinghai Sanming planning area shut down the old bus station less than a mile of prime old market and the old train station, in the Xining Municipal Construction Committee, city district government and the Qinghai Property Group Corporation under the support of the relocation of Xiaozhai to Ning Cheng Jiayuan commercial district. Merchant Zhou Yufen selection and market management for more than 10 years in Qinghai Sanming integrated wholesale market together afresh, she said the relocation is very confident: "Sanming market with time-honored signs, once the market really started up, business must be booming." read more


Strengthen the service work for civilization Xining Chengdong Branch

ICBC Xining Chengdong Branch of the existing staff average age of 35 years old, is a vibrant and dynamic team. In recent years, the business department adhere to the "people-oriented, customer centered" management philosophy, the occupation moral construction as the core, to train staff dedication of the team spirit, set up a banner of Xining City, the financial services industry. In 2006 won the "National Youth Civilization", and has won the Chinese banking civilized norms service demonstration unit ", industrial and Commercial Bank of China Federation of trade unions and the quality service of civilization advanced unit", "advanced occupation moral construction team", "Qinghai province banking civilized norms service demonstration unit", where workers the Xining branch of the Provincial Federation of trade unions were granted to the employees occupation moral construction "top ten units", the central Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee awarded the "national civilized unit" honorary title. read more


The average age of the population over 15 years of education in our province for more than 8.38 year

The comprehensive development of education in our province has greatly improved the education of the population and improved the cultural quality of the population. The reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, according to the survey results and the change of population data of the six census estimates, in 2013 the province’s 15 population aged 15 and above average years of schooling to 8.38 years for males and 8.79 years for women and 7.96 years.This shows that the " read more


Rising demand for home care services for Xining residents

With the steady development and increase the income of residents in the city of Xining service industry, the residents of the home service demand rising, community service, housekeeping services have entered the household, residents family holidays hire part-time, daily hire nanny housekeeping service, home cleaning, moving, feeding gas, water supply and other housekeeping service is prevalent.

according to the State Statistics Bureau Xining investigation team survey, the per capita domestic service in the first half of Xining residents family expenses for 19.56 yuan, an increase of 59.2%, an increase of 4 times, including housekeeping service processing service fee increase of 30.1%. (author: Jing Ji) read more