Month: February 2017


Jingdong T digital 61820 East coupons and so you put code over

2015 Jingdong 618 shopping big lie, national welfare and struck. Since late 5, a new round of the "sincerity" of the Jingdong IT digital shopping Carnival hot opening. This year, the Jingdong IT Digital Division East ho throw 2 billion yuan coupons, only consumers "code" over whether the mobile terminal or PC terminal, bind the two-dimensional coupons and coupons east god code at any time waiting for you to sweep! In addition, Jingdong will also hold a dare to play, dare to love, daring Ganpin, ultimate challenge the four field line – "game" of the brave, carnival for consumers to send IT digital penetration "month". read more


Businesses want to let you rational chop hands played 7 years of double 11 can play out what flower


technology week Xuedie

10 mid month, double 11 this has the electricity supplier attributes of the label began to appear more and more frequently in the web, newspapers and bus stations. The electricity industry’s old rival Ali, Jingdong has started the 18 day battle group, Ali, Suning set up a cat Ning electricity supplier to deepen cooperation, then Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong and WAL-MART CEO Dong Minglun will meet the traditional retail WAL-MART pulled into the "double 11" battle line, officially formed the group against the situation. read more


A first domain name rectification Li Gui the business sector finds infringement will be subject

Reporter learned yesterday, Chinese Internet Information Center CNNIC trademark by Xiamen CEC Network services company falsely, to defraud the enterprise registered.COM domain name was investigated in Xiamen city Industrial and Commercial Bureau. This is since October. The domain name registration in the country launched rectification since the first sale of fraudulent use of CNNIC in the name of domain name registration mechanism is the business department of the.


?? "Li Gui" embezzlement constitute infringement read more


Ghost feet seven Mobile nternet era, you do not know the truth mobile providers

in the well-known people from the media ghost foot seven, in the mobile Internet era, small and beautiful can be very fun, 35 people are able to make a very high profit of small companies, though there will not be a great space for development, but it can live very cool.

brand misunderstanding

is now Taobao, or that these enterprises, electricity providers do 90%, or even 95% are selling mode. There is a 1, 2 hundred million businesses, recently particularly distressed, why? Because he encountered a bottleneck, he is already the first in the industry, but each a product must be imitated by others, his brand is also doing well, doing well is the first category. Later, he found that the more the more products, inventory, management costs are increasing, the cost of R & D is also high. This model still has a way to continue? How to do in the future? In the face of this problem, I said you do the brand?. This brand is sold out, a businessman put a product, he thought it was a brand. A lot of people understand that. read more


Online shopping seckill overwhelming seckill tricky part

Men’s T-shirt printing

price 598 yuan, "seckill" price as long as 99 yuan also shipping price 75 yuan; 2011 New Chiffon Lace shirt "seckill" price as long as 49.5 yuan…… Attractive prices for "seckill" has become part of the new online shopping lovers. This win in the low price promotion model, with low prices to bring excitement to consumers at the same time, it was also questioned: overwhelming spike information, its credibility?

spike win in the limited price read more


New directions for the future development of e-commerce Encyclopedia mall

2011, e-commerce giant Taobao and Chinese giant Wikipedia HDwiki teamed up to create the Taobao version of HDwiki. Relying on Taobao’s massive amounts of goods and HDwiki content, the two giants will be a perfect integration of e-commerce.

due to the previous commercial advertising is not specific for the purchase of the crowd on a regular, so it results obtained will be greatly reduced, as you come out of a virtual host in advertising when watching the news, are you going to buy? Taobao version of HDwiki are well solved this problem. read more


Jingdong CMO how can we be so big to sell refurbished machines to make money

[Abstract] blue ye said, from the query to the iPhone mobile phone activation information can be judged, "refurbished" event is the two part of the problem.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on May 29th

Jingdong Apple sold refurbished machines ". Much raise a Babel of criticism of. Today, the Jingdong CMO group blue Ye finally broke the silence, responded on the matter, said the Jingdong is $about 40000000000 listed companies, how can make money by selling refurbished. read more


The courier company to stop soliciting a large area of electricity supplier logistics thriving

central broadcasting network Beijing January 21st news (reporter Liu Fei), according to voice of China news evening peak reported that there is less than a week to the spring festival. Express industry to open the Spring Festival timetable and the Spring Festival price list". Some may delay or send and embrace parts, some courier companies, although promised during the Spring Festival Spring Festival is not closed, but the door soliciting service charge.

at the same time, some proprietary providers will have for several years in the making "during the Spring Festival, Spring Festival is not closing" signs. Does this mean that the self logistics than the third party logistics have more advantages? read more


Yu Minhong investment from the big V shop, talk about the future of micro business

has not yet seen a clear business model, micro providers have to take a step further. As for the "thousand" and "earn thousands" businessmen, but also the scenery? With the social distribution after another, the platform of "taking thousands of battle, the industry will face a new round of reshuffle, change comes, meet the challenge.

yesterday, an investment by Yu Minhong, a large V shop called WeChat electricity supplier project in the industry caused no small stir. Originally, as the star entrepreneur Yu Minhong has got too many rings, coupled with investment is like a raging fire "V store" (in fact, the micro shop) lit by micro operators dream, even the chiefs are so optimistic about the micro business, what is the reason for ordinary businesses look bad read more


A brief analysis of the social network marketing

just finished the outbreak of the Internet marketing revolution, the book is still very good feeling, with a lot of examples to prove the necessity of network marketing. The thought of this book is to develop a combination of network importance after the situation about network marketing revolution.

network marketing revolution is the most wildly beating gongs and drums, the enterprises have begun to implement their own network revolution. Network is an essential marketing channel for the survival and development of enterprises. This book focuses on the foreign network marketing is in the blog, micro blog, forum and video website, I personally think that the domestic network marketing warfare mainly concentrated in the forum, followed by the video website, blog and micro blog is again. This is based on my current line of water to judge, of course, different people have different views on the development of things and views. read more