Have an independent website how to do guest


method has a lot of guest promotion, in addition to traditional posts and articles in various forums, blogs, using chat tools send promotional links, one of the most unique way, that is to establish their own independent guest website promotion


the use of forums, blog articles published or use chat tools to do the promotion, this way will soon be profitable. First of all, the forum is readily available, but also the people of the forum there is traffic, you only need to send a few posts to induce the purchase, it may be effective. Secondly, don’t need you again for you published no one click to worry about, at least not like your new sites, you published articles without the hype is really no one comes, so this kind of way for do not know but want to build quickly through the Tao do make money friends. read more


The job hunting process of graduates

graduates this year reached 6 million 990 thousand, but also to coincide with the economic downturn, shrinking corporate layoffs, the history of the hardest job season. Recently to accompany a friend to apply for a job, quite emotion. A friend is the design, graduated from normal two colleges, the general level of technology, is the ordinary university graduates, in recent days the job experience fully experience the most difficult employment season to the plight of graduates.

A: a foreign company Flash production company read more


Online entrepreneurial ideas 10 strokes into a millionaire

What is the business of making money online

tricks? Not to answer this question, do too much. You have to start from your own hobbies, to study what you can give a target market what you can provide this thing is that others can not find out for you, only you find yourself. This paper recommends the following 10 methods:

1) antenna ball

sell car antenna used in the decoration of small toys and so on, and now people use this thing?. Look inside, but also a millionaire was born.

By the way,

is made in china. read more


Make sure your Google AdSense shows English ads

      we know, generally in the Chinese website, is to display Chinese advertising and looks like Google on the Chinese page display advertising control, try to show the Chinese advertising.

      however, there is really no way to display English advertising? To display quality low Chinese advertising? – no


      1 to note that your website is the professional nature of the site, the industry is not very developed, the best domestic or domestic is very weak, if not at home, you think, is domestic blank, but also display Chinese read more


Most of the domestic use of Google AdSense mumbo-jumbo

Google AdSense Application guide

first request space requirements fast! Not enough to ask for free space. If you are ready to join the Google AdSense program, please visit /html/5/1/20061113/7931.html and click here to apply". After you have created the login information, please refer to the Google AdSense in your email address to confirm your email address.

The principle of

name registration information: the complete Pinyin input Chinese you name, pay attention to the first lose lose under the table name name, prompt careful. read more


Find money like holding a broken basket uphill mowing

there is a saying: "efforts may not succeed, but do not work hard will not succeed, the netizen of a lot so written in the character signature, that is to say we must work hard, in fact, do Wangzhuan the same. I heard on the Internet can earn money, a lot of people to do Wangzhuan, but eventually earn money and have a few people, what kind of people make it? The answer is very hard talent earned, not to light, very hard to do. Now talk about several higher way of making money:

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Under the financial crisis, the exchange chain has made my dream come true

I was laid off in May 08 (because of the financial crisis, mass layoffs)! Because in the past has been watching several famous Webmaster Station, so there is a website make money idea, at first very confused and do not know what to do in the station station! Look at several days of novice teachers, has no clue that has added several webmaster QQ group, now that the industry do stand, make money. Unfortunately, the time is too long to return, not to make money.

a chance to finally a very clever, I had some idea of Ali’s mother, so that can make a lot of money to cheat the mom, is the most important payment is convenient, Alipay directly to the account, and then went in search tips do mom, then find about a year ago, the newly opened a forum, called hot forum ring (very strange name), then contacted friends: read more


Others do guest earn so much why do not make money

to ask what is now on fire, many people know that Taobao is off, easy to do guest, earning tens of thousands of dollars. A series of activities of the mom let Taobao off the fire, why many of the Tao do not earn money much, I didn’t go to my investigation, but in a group inside, ten more than nine had no previous station, have had the experience of Taobao, Taobao looked off the billboard on the monthly income 000, who don’t move. To tell the truth, I also see that a lot of money, to join the Tao, now have thousands of dollars in monthly income. I also use a lot of station in the Amoy page, keywords ranking is good. With the same thing why other owners did not make money, I analyzed a little, there are several reasons. read more


Lei Jun millet chat 10 billion secret 6 core game is selling a sense of participation

recently released on the Internet, two digital bombs, one is Baidu’s $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 radio, a millet half dry out last year’s performance, the first half of a total of 7 million 30 thousand units sold mobile phone, only the first half revenue on more than 12 billion 600 million last year, up to 13 billion 270 million


is a capital myth, a myth of the product.

Lei often encountered in seeking weapon, he would torture each other two questions: 1, I want to ask what is your target customers that have nothing to do with his friends are the target customers who recommend your products? 2, do you know how many users of your product read more


100 successful experience methods

1, Wang Zongli said: swimming every morning (enter the positive subconscious) is the key to becoming a billionaire. In the process of swimming, the input of the subconscious, so that every day to maintain the peak state.

2, the most important thing is to develop the habit of immediate action. Moving after action. Better is better than none, better late than never.

3, to develop the habits of exercise, to develop the habit of getting up early. Sports can inspire infinite charm, will make a person feel very confident. So I have to keep myself in a constant state of motion. Let yourself get up early in the morning. Many cases are more civilized, more erosion of life. And you see Wang Yongqing, the God of Taiwan, although the age of up to 86 years old, but still get up at 5:30 every day, running 5000 meters, has been insisting for many years. Vitality – POWER. Energy is the charm, bearing extraordinary. Get up early, do not find a reason for what I own, not enough rest, yesterday I was very tired, and so on. read more


Excellent wealth network a few elements of the invincible single page

seems to be in 09 years in April, a chance, I saw the teacher Wang Zijie product promotion page, so I began to study this simple marketing model. The author through the survey found that: at present, many industries are using this single page marketing model, the most commonly used or to sell the project, but do Taobao single product promotion is also very much.

if you are a novice network, if you do not understand those tedious language, and you want to make money through the Internet; how to do? read more


Zhou Hongyi it was found that the demand from the user’s favor


today began to tell a little story. Some time ago, a company for 360 to talk about cooperation, that is a simple software, that function is like you to see neighbors, neighbors see nice shoes, you take a photo on the Internet of a contrast, shoes the information on it, you will buy it a pair of shoes. I said, this thing is not so much trouble, ask your neighbors where to buy the right.

we do products tend to have three assumptions: the first layer is assumed, assuming the function of user need; second layer hypothesis is that, assuming the user must know the existence of function; third layer assumption is that users will use the product according to the assumption that you design way. read more


EBay channel 2CPA ads stop promotion

then advertisers notice, with immediate effect eBay channel 2CPA advertising to stop promotion.

members please remove the ad code in time, so as not to affect your income.

thank you for your cooperation.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information:

would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445 read more


Shen Napeng entrepreneurs behind entrepreneurs

After the success of the economic chain hotel, such as home to the United States Nasdaq, Shen Napeng’s pace of life is destined to come faster than before. As one of the most famous American venture capital fund China Sequoia Capital (Sequoia Capital China) founding partner, need every day uninterrupted screening investment object from every kind of business plan, and then examine appointments, eventually determines the number of investment targets.

was founded in 2005 Sequoia Capital China fund Shen Napeng, both entrepreneurs and investors dual identity, which led him to lead the project success probability is quite high. read more


Mobile Fetion promotion combat

Fetion is pushing China Mobile to send text messages for free software, since the mobile advertising promotion through the Internet, the horn Gala can see Mobile Fetion ads, greatly small Adsense are playing life, their housekeeping skills. It’s no wonder that the price of 1.5 yuan / month, is two times the original price of Firefox is different, this is no longer the Google alliance, but by the domestic league to the operation, characteristics of the domestic league is the "black", but also domestic webmaster to force, although the deduction amount is very serious, but because the price is enough high, or some money. read more


Learn about the latest Google Adsense rules to avoid accidents

when I visit the website and the forum, I found will encounter some Adsense abuse every day, so here are some tips on using Google Adsense, you may have until some, may also know very little. These are selected from the Google Adsense program policy, and a number of simplifications.

1, for whatever reason, do not click on your own Adsense ad. You should know this very well. This is the best way to close your Adsense account. So never tell your partner or friend to click on the ad. If your family or children want to increase your income by clicking on ads, it will indirectly cause you to have no income. What is more, can not use rewards, click settings automatically click Tools, click fraud or other with the nature of software, Adsense is very good at detecting fraudulent clicks, if you really want to see the page click on the advertisement effect, please use the Google preview tool. read more


60 Huang after the first venture why do import food electricity supplier

Abstract Huang Ruo, senior retail professionals, Taobao mall, founder of original COO, Hua Ping capital investment adviser for billion state power network had an "circle of friends selling beef reflection: experience the" blind "WeChat", by the small living as "Uncle molested the butcher". Who anticipate a prophecy, a few months later, Huang Ruo investment and the founder of the B2C website "imported food every day 100% on the line, uncle trader little meat was moved on the business platform. read more


Some way has the characteristics of strong national Wangzhuan customs

is referred to as Wangzhuan, make money online. There are many ways such as in Wangzhuan, the majority of owners are most familiar with the page to add Google Adsense, Witkey task type Commission, the soft, great form is beyond shape who posted small ads, in charge of network survey etc.. It is too much, if you want to classify, then I am afraid that a considerable amount of work. But some Wangzhuan has Chinese features, only this one no branches, left Chinese you will be very difficult to see its shadow. read more


Small shrimp how to use Taobao money off


is the last two years before the fire up a model to make money, and is now the most love grassroots webmaster a way to make money, but the real customers from Taobao earn money is only a small part of a month, most of the owners can make a living, but not Taobao customers not to earn money, but you no good use of Taobao customers. Small shrimp has been that Taobao customers is a very good network model to make money, especially for some work during the day, evening people, Taobao customer is the place for you. read more