Some way has the characteristics of strong national Wangzhuan customs

is referred to as Wangzhuan, make money online. There are many ways such as in Wangzhuan, the majority of owners are most familiar with the page to add Google Adsense, Witkey task type Commission, the soft, great form is beyond shape who posted small ads, in charge of network survey etc.. It is too much, if you want to classify, then I am afraid that a considerable amount of work. But some Wangzhuan has Chinese features, only this one no branches, left Chinese you will be very difficult to see its shadow. read more


Small shrimp how to use Taobao money off


is the last two years before the fire up a model to make money, and is now the most love grassroots webmaster a way to make money, but the real customers from Taobao earn money is only a small part of a month, most of the owners can make a living, but not Taobao customers not to earn money, but you no good use of Taobao customers. Small shrimp has been that Taobao customers is a very good network model to make money, especially for some work during the day, evening people, Taobao customer is the place for you. read more


How to make money in 2009 website builders

entered the 2009, for everyone should be more happy, the new year, new hope, new goals. I’ve seen a lot of my friends’ blogs and QQ space record their 08 year summary and the 2009 plan.

these days I am also considering a problem in 2009, we do the staff how to make money?

2008 economic crisis indirectly affected the various enterprises, in 2009 the crisis remains, how can we resist the cold winter, to meet the spring?

first station. As long as in the website construction work should get the money is to live in a few years ago, a corporate website also say there is a 3000 yuan, and now, the enterprise website is personal, Internet companies do bad, the market is chaotic. But these two years found that there is a lot of space to do. And companies or individuals are increasingly looking for individuals to do it, not the company. We do have several advantages: the price can be agreed, and the company cost high price we have no personal advantage; flexible service, of course this is for personal integrity, do not rule out the possibility of comparison was simple. Of course, these are mainly based on the introduction of friends, friends, customers on the basis of customer. For the novice, you can take the initiative to find a look. read more


Yu Guofu, Qin Jiangbo, Meng snake talk Google Adsense click fraud

Hello everyone!

  Sina compere: each netizen good morning, very pleased that you can participate in this chat, recently many people may notice, the first domestic owners sued the Adsense case, today we invited a senior lawyer in the rich, famous blog Meng Xiaoyi, Qin Jiangbo founder of the depth of the search, they were charged with friends some exchanges on the grounds of Google click fraud, please introduce three.

  Yu Guofu: my name is Yu Guofu, is now director of Sheng Feng law firm, such as the recent extreme events, Inc. and Baidu’s case is inside our agent, including some cases of the Tencent Inc is our agent, and now between Qihoo and YAHOO’s case is our agent, and so on, the companies involved more. read more


Rookie to share the experience of Taobao earned 3000 months

I always think I am a food is food rookie, do Taobao customers a day to earn 100020005000 or 1W There are plenty of people who have a lot of friends around me, this level is around me, so I just make January a day or half a day to earn others, often because this is not that they did not find what is the secret anguish direction.

on the way Taobao money off, I was through their own ideas, not to communicate with people to reach the actual monthly income, earning 3000 I just do Taobao off third months of the year, but still the level there has been no progress, I feel like maybe communicate with me because fewer. read more


Thunderbolt Alliance as a partner to open the flow valve open

thunderbolt alliance after a series of adjustment mechanism, and finally the dog with the flow of the valve fully open to partners, the adjustment of the overall traffic will open more than ten times previously, is undoubtedly brought the gospel to download the CO owners.

thunderbolt download business alliance is thunder download tools for webmaster cooperation mode based on customized, as long as your site provides resources to download, you can add the business support, eMule download, BT download and download the traditional mode, optional full or semi thunder thunder, with the user’s download behavior and enjoy the corresponding return flow and commission cooperation is a special, exclusive download station. read more


Small Adsense can choose advertising alliance

1  Google AdSense personal site advertising preferred, but do not have to play tricks on the temptation to click on what to do, GG’s ability to fight against cheating is very powerful. In addition, the movie station, picture station, a lot of friends, said the novel can not put, according to my experience can be put, but the price is very low, low to what extent, 0.01 cents.

2  ideal advertisement of the mom of small owners, very basic sites are doing, whether it is the monthly advertising or click on ads, the price is good, but there is one point to note is the web page and try not to put the Ali Mama advertising, many owners put their ads after the website will be Baidu drop right. read more


New Zealand white collar friends registered 1.5 yuan, exclusive

exclusive exclusive promotion of 1.5 yuan a white-collar dating, I hope everyone will try to see the effect of the registration process is simple, as well as N let you feel more fun to guide the creative will bring you a lot of surprises. What’s more, it can bring you more benefits.

. Price: 1.5 yuan / each registered user data.
data: the next day settlement settlement:


our registered address is www.myiee.com

hope to be able to support each other, win win oh.


Wangzhuan way u

from a novice into Wangzhuan online to make money this way, if you can find a way of learning, make money online, may be to a higher realm of making money online breakthrough. Although energy-saving now even if most of the primary stage of making money online, but also bear the loneliness Cougerenao, talk about their own thought in his spare time at home Wangzhuan experience.

I think, do Wangzhuan this year’s experience more than my job is to help the very great, revealed a little secret, when I interviewed the company personnel director let me give him a look at the case, I think at that time, I really have not done what the regular good point of the station, do is basically a garbage station, some stations do not interest is, in the tube. There is only one energy-saving I have is in hard, no way, I had to bite the bullet and say your own situation, and then went to the front of the computer, I put this energy-saving open to the supervisor to see, including the background, traffic statistics, let the director look the results of the supervisor at the station I love very home style. Ha-ha。 To have a conscience, I think my station is too general, but the home page I did spend some thought to do the design, then very happy, I feel very competent to speak. read more


How to effectively promote their Taobao guest

believe that we should all know Taobao, Taobao is a form of B2C+C2C online shopping mall. Is a branch of Alibaba, today is about to talk about Taobao from Taobao hang out. I believe in this article friends more or less on Taobao off a bit familiar, have joined the line, also has a small harvest. So, I do not say too much nonsense, directly into the theme of today how to effectively promote their own Taobao.

how can we effectively promote their Taobao customers? First of all we need to know how to choose a suitable Taobao customer program, now Taobao customer program all kinds of people to see dazzling, always, to the end can not determine which program is more suitable for Taobao customers. Here a simple talk about the current Taobao off the program, generally speaking, Tao guest program has two kinds: read more


Thinking of using Google Adsense to make money

Zhang 2 months ago to build a blog to write something and users to communicate, and prepare for an ad after a certain amount of access, see if you can put the domain name and space costs to earn back. Few people express their thoughts and feelings in the blog now. Mr. Zhang’s starting point is OK, because most people are currently writing blog, who does not care about. As long as the search engine like it. All the starting point to ensure that the search engine like, because there is only traffic, cash conversion. Blogging is just a business tool. read more


dle idle from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial five

The article here again before the

list: "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road series", "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial two", "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial three", "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial four"

The last time we talked about

if you really want to come to business friends, spend the first time you do a good BLOG, updated every day at least one article, I do not know how many people see my BLOG things, to do, according to past experience, can be said to really be able to do no more than one percent people. This is why some people can never get away from the root cause of the situation. Let’s not say if you have the ability to do it, but if you don’t do it. In fact, I should be very diligent type, can be updated at least once every BLOG, even if such requirements are not up to it, it’s better to buy lottery tickets, really, to 100 yuan to buy lottery tickets for 1 million may be greater. read more


Shaping entrepreneurial planning () what is your interest

if you present immoderation, unwilling to own life, if you want to do something when the old memories in their own business — the rest of life. So, a good business plan is essential, only in a good planning guidance, you will not lose himself in the vast sea; only in a good business planning, you can walk every step with confidence, does not produce panic illusion, lose yourself the original dream.

well, first of all in the face of entrepreneurs is the primary problem: how to build a good business plan for yourself? In view of this, in order to make every entrepreneur can get out of their own value in the business on the road. I have decided to make a series of brief analysis, research and Discussion on the issue of how to build a reasonable business plan for myself. Hope that you are going to start a business to get some inspiration, and then according to their own actual situation to develop their own strategic plan for their own business. read more


College students entrepreneurship policy search

college students to start their own business with the arrival of the expansion, becoming more and more popular topic, you are suitable for their own business? Want to do poineering work how should do? What procedures need to apply? Are you going to start a business? Have you ever thought of entrepreneurship but miss the point? Do you want to know about entrepreneurship?


Ali mother came to the advertising alliance how to walk the road

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > > http://s.alimama.com

      Ali mother, come with vigour and vitality, rash and too much in haste. She comes to a part of webmaster hunger at the opportunity; her arrival, solved the problems of Google Baidu alliance; her arrival, challenge and crisis to the other more than and 500 large and small advertising alliance.

      next, those who started in the little league do, live, or be suffocated? I also have friends in the advertising alliance, I want to just say a few words to say, that is not good, is a personal opinion, but we also hope mercy. read more


Google plans to add YouTube video to Adsense

      Beijing on October 9th news, according to technology blog TechCrunch reported that Google will begin this Tuesday to join the YouTube video advertising program Adsense.

Adsense "video unit" will display two types of advertising, namely, the site context advertising and video playback context advertising. Adsense users can choose any YouTube video to advertise, if the video comes from the content provider has signed an agreement with YouTube. Video generated advertising revenue will be shared by the site owners, content producers and Google three. read more


Learn five strokes, so that the site for you to make money

Do not stand no flow, there is no flow of money can not do, combined with my own experience to do stand, do a few of their own experience of selfless dedication to the site like friends.     

    1: stand to collect information to be different. Do not always go to some famous station station to collect information, information that others have seen, no new ideas, many do stand webmaster, some special love to stand to collect information, there is no need to use a little bit, you can, or even completely like him, he’s got what you do what is certain, the development is not up, I do not go there. "The general data collection, I go to the forum, to some other people do not know the station acquisition, the effect will let you stand people think you and others do not the same station. Only in this way can you stand up. read more


A liar trick too arrogant! SMS trap case exposure


has suggested that all mobile phone, or to buy a mobile phone, for their own interests, Yiziyizi read the following……


data: 2004 total revenue of China’s Internet, 74% sources of grafted SMS on the website. Mobile phone SMS to make these businesses so crazy money? Not some text messages on the phone well, why is actually the first source of income in the IT sector?

you began to wonder: mobile phone in my hand, every month bill I submit to the Mobile Corporation, a third party company how to grab my money? Don’t worry. Listen to me carefully!

The first stage:

The early stage of


read more


How do earn 100 knives a day to talk about my website

station is 5 years, from the beginning of 2003, I made a small station, do the education resources of things, every day is hard to add something, some original, some are reproduced, carefully edit their own, then released in the website initially, the flow is very small, do not know what time the acquisition, it is a plus, with the increase of resource, traffic is slowly increased, up to more than 5 thousand IP per day, and later because of various reasons, the station to stop, but the domain name is kept. This station made a total of a few hundred dollars, when I spent 500 yuan on the light space. So there’s no money. In 2004, I used the original domain name, and a type of article site, due to maintenance of their own, on time every day to add new content, so after 2 months, I had IP to 8000, because at that time I was 200M virtual host, website is dynamic so, to the virtual host provider’s server, causing great pressure load, they found me to buy more space, when I was taking a day, decided to change the space is replaced by Edong Network Star host, 100 month at the time, it seems that prices. And all of the site generated a static page, IP traffic is crazy up, when Baidu every day included. I remember most of the time more than ip8, Alex ranking to less than 30 thousand. This time, my income is Google helicopter, from 10 to 100 knife knife did start every day. read more