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Malaysian Parliamentary Caucus to evaluate north east

Malaysia and the rest of the world will never forget the unforgivable crimes against humanity and the senseless murders of over 40,000 ethnic Tamils during the 30-year bloody war in Sri Lanka, she vowed.“The way forward, to be the voice of the ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka, was to constantly pressure and take the Sri Lanka Government to task and make known that Malaysia and Malaysian MPs are watching and monitoring the progress of reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts for the displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka.” To rely solely on human rights reports from the previous regime or even the present Sri Lanka Government, both notorious for denying war crimes, was akin to asking a thief to guard the house, she cautioned. “The true conditions of the displaced Tamils in the war affected areas must be seen with our own eyes. We must see for ourselves whether the reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts are being carried out.” (Colombo Gazette) “We want to ensure that the spirit of basic human rights was upheld in Sri Lanka and other democratic nations too.” “The programmes for the Tamils must uphold fundamental liberties and civil rights.”A point to note is that the last time that the national anthem was sung in Tamil in Sri Lanka was in 1949 and this year, commemorating the 68th Independence Day celebration on Feb 4, the Sri Lanka national anthem was sung in Tamil, a baby step in fostering ties with the ethnic Tamils, said the MP. “This gesture made many Tamilians in Sri Lanka weep openly. It brought back a sense of unity and togetherness.”While it is the moral obligation of an MP to be sensitive on human rights abuses, said Kasthuri, “it is also my responsibility as well, as a member of the international community, to speak out and be the voice of the Tamils who have been displaced because of the 30-year civil war in Sri Lanka.” Likewise, added Kasthuri, the DAP has been a constant and consistent warrior in voicing out against injustice, oppression and discrimination in Malaysia as well and has been fighting tirelessly in upholding fundamental rights and civil liberties without fear or favour for a Malaysian Malaysia, the Free Malaysia website reported. “It’s heartbreaking to visit the land where tens of thousands of ethnic Tamils had perished at the hands of the savage Rajapakse regime.” The Malaysian Parliamentary Caucus on Displaced People of Sri Lanka, headed by Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul, will be visiting war affected areas in the north and east of Sri Lanka to evaluate and observe how much has been done for the Tamil community there, said Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto in a statement. “The Sri Lankan Government has so far appeared optimistic on the visit.”“A follow up on this visit would be to engage with other caucuses and national human rights institutions to pressure the government to keep its promises.” read more


Elwin Goodpipe appealing conviction DO designation

His latest manslaughter conviction relates to the May 29, 2016 death of 56-year-old Aubertin, who was shot by Goodpipe’s accomplice during a botched robbery.Even though Goodpipe didn’t fire the fatal shot, he was found guilty and sentenced as a party to the offence — a fact Goodpipe intends to argue should result in the overturning of his conviction and sentence.“There was little evidence,” Goodpipe wrote in his handwritten appeal. “The test used as a ‘party’ to the offence may have violated my Charter rights. I do not meet the requirements to be a dangerous offender.”The appeal contained no further grounds, although Goodpipe said he intends to arrange for legal representation.If the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal does order a new trial, Goodpipe wants it held before a judge sitting without a jury.hpolischuk@postmedia.comtwitter.com/LPHeatherP Facebook / REGwp A man handed an indeterminate sentence following his second conviction for manslaughter is asking the province’s highest court to overturn his conviction and order a new trial.Elwin Michael Goodpipe, 36, filed his appeal early this week, less than two weeks after a Regina Court of Queen’s Bench judge deemed him a dangerous offender and handed down the indeterminate sentence.Goodpipe is appealing both his conviction and sentence.Following a trial in the spring of 2018, a jury found Goodpipe guilty of manslaughter in the 2016 shooting death of Andre Aubertin. The Crown subsequently announced its intention to launch dangerous offender proceedings against Goodpipe, who already had a significant history of violence including a past manslaughter conviction.A hearing was held, at the end of which Regina Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Meghan McCreary decided the Crown had proven its case against Goodpipe.In sentencing him, McCreary referenced Goodpipe’s violent past, which includes having played a role in the 2004 beating and shooting death of Wayne Gerald Friday. REGINA: Andre Aubertin read more