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a month ago​Arsenal agree Turner Sports US broadcasting deal

first_imgTagsPremiership NewsAbout the authorIan FerrisShare the loveHave your say ​Arsenal agree Turner Sports US broadcasting dealby Ian Ferrisa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal have become the latest Premier League club to secure distribution for their in-house television channel via Turner Sports’ B/R Live over-the-top (OTT) platform, reports, www.sportspromedia.com/.Both Liverpool and Tottenham have agreed US distribution deals with B/R Live recently, and now Arsenal TV lands on the streaming service in an exclusive arrangement.Arsenal TV now also gets the benefits of the increased exposure of B/R Live’s availability via major smart TV’s as well as streaming products such as Amazon Fire and Roku.The Premier League club will push their international programming block via the B/R Live platform, comprising a three-hour period of Arsenal content produced for every match day, including pre and post-match coverage across the Premier League, the Uefa Europa League, and domestic cups.On non-match days, Arsenal TV offers subscribers the ability to watch full match replays of every first team game from the domestic league and cup competitions, with Turner’s Uefa rights deal also permitting retransmission of Europa League matches. Additionally, classic Arsenal matches will be available, as well as weekly magazine programming such as Arsenal World and Arsenal 360. last_img read more


Stars Show Their Support For VegWeek 2018

first_imgVegWeek 2018 is now officially underway — and the 7-Day VegPledge Challenge is on! More than 8,000 people including pro-plant celebrities, athletes, and other world-changers are exploring and enjoying the many flavors and fun of plant-based eating from April 16-22.The message is simple yet impactful: Together, we can change the world one week at a time!Hosted by Compassion Over Killing since 2009, this annual healthy-eating campaign, has taken root around the planet — and for the planet. VegWeek is celebrated around Earth Day (April 22) to highlight the powerfully protective environmental impact of choosing plant-based food.Raising animals for food is wreaking havoc on our planet and causing tremendous suffering. We can change this through our dietary choices. By putting plants on our plates, we can benefit the Earth, our health, and animals.To keep up this meatless momentum, stars are inspiring their fans to join them on the green carpet! VegWeek 2018 celebrity Endorsers include: Mya, Grey, Belinda Carlisle, and many others.Actress Alicia Silverstone even hand-picked a Moroccan Couscous With Saffron recipe from her book The Kind Diet, for her blog urging followers to eat green for Earth Week.Silverstone writes, “Making changes to your diet has one of the most powerful impacts on reducing one’s carbon footprint and helping heal the planet. Loved ones can take the ‘VegPledge’ for the week and receive tons of support and recipes.”VegPledgers receive exclusive offers and discounts from VegWeek Gold Sponsors: A Well-Fed World, Eat for the Planet, Follow Your Heart, The Jackfruit Company, Lady Freethinker, Miyoko’s Kitchen, Treeline Treenut Cheese, Veestro, and Vegan Essentials.Empowered by the many resources provided throughout VegWeek, many happy VegPledgers continue with vegan or vegetarian eating long after enjoying the campaign.For more information, please visit: VegWeek.com.last_img read more


American Airlines settles disabilities case for 98 million

first_imgFORT WORTH, Texas – American Airlines and a subsidiary will pay $9.8 million in stock to settle claims that they failed to help disabled employees return to work.Federal officials say American and Envoy Air fired or put some workers on unpaid leave instead of making reasonable efforts to reassign them.The workers’ disabilities ranged from cancer to back and knee injuries.A lawsuit and consent agreement were filed Friday in federal court in Phoenix by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for 12 named former workers and others in similar circumstances.The agency says violations of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act occurred from 2009 until August 2015.American spokesman Matt Miller said the policies were legacies of carriers that merged with American, which then worked to “harmonize legacy policies” with present standards.last_img read more



first_imgWhen early in 1947 Freda Bedi applied in Lahore for a British passport, she described herself as a journalist. She had spent years teaching English at a girls’ college, and was to resume that line of work in Kashmir, but in the mid-1940s, writing and reporting was her main occupation. The family circumstances changed for the better. Bedi’s writing and publishing, ranging from textbooks to ghost writing, started delivering an income and that, Freda said, ‘enabled me to take a rest from the rather hard routine of lecturing in the college and travelling backwards and forwards so many miles a day. So the years ’42 to ’46 were years when I was more at home and writing.’ She relished the chance to have a calmer, more settled domestic life. Indeed she commented of the political activity in Lahore which now became a less prominent part of her life: ‘I didn’t particularly enjoy doing all this. I would have preferred, frankly, to sit at home and have a more peaceful family life. But it was the way life was, and there was no choice.’ Whether this was a downplaying of the political expressed later in life when the spiritual aspect was foremost, or reflected a disdain for the rough-and-tumble of a political existence which was born more of duty than conviction, it’s difficult to say – probably a bit of both. She also faced another political difficulty – as the Communist Party, and so her husband, fell out of step with the rest of the nationalist movement, husband and wife were also increasingly at odds about how best to achieve an independent India committed to social justice. Also Read – Torpedoing BengalAs a writer, Freda achieved a prominence to match her political reputation –and it was the work she most relished. In her student days, when her friends were talking excitedly of their personal ambitions, Freda’s goal was to write. She published two books, largely collections of her writing for newspapers and magazines. As a columnist, she addressed women’s issues with a directness which was startling. Throughout 1943, she had a weekly column in the Tribune entitled ‘From a Woman’s Window’ which tackled issues – such as childbirth and breast-feeding – which rarely surfaced in the mainstream media at that time. But her focus on gender, and the unfair and unequal burden on India’s women, was evident much earlier. Throughout her adult life, she sought to extend the bounds for women in public life. It would be difficult to describe Freda as a feminist. In her marriage, she willingly embraced a subservience to her husband and his personal and political ambitions. When she argued for women’s interests, it was not on the basis of a principled demand for equality but of a measure more equity and respect. As a Tibetan Buddhist, she eventually found a comfortable niche with a distinctly patriarchal spiritual tradition which – as with most major religions – limited and confined women’s role. Yet her championing of women, and her campaigning for the redress of women’s grievances, was a consistent aspect of her life, and first became evident as an activist and writer in pre-independence Lahore. Also Read – Educational model of coexistenceIn the spring of 1936, eighteen months after arriving in India and just a few weeks before Tilak’s death, Freda was prominent in a public debate on the desirability of birth control clinics. The event was organised by the medical college students’ union, and addressed a pressing issue in an era of large families and high infant and maternal mortality. ‘Mrs Freda Bedi said that birth control did not mean no babies, it meant better babies; it did not mean no motherhood, but sensible motherhood. Birth control clinics should really be called “sensible motherhood clinics”. Motherhood should be a glorious fulfilment of all that is best in woman and a source of vitality and joy and woman should not be condemned through relentless and machine-like production of children. The way to ensure this was to have efficient birth control clinics established in the Punjab where the service should be absolutely free.’ There was lively opposition to her argument, with speakers expressing concern about birth control being sinful, leading to sterility and frustrating India’s need for a large army, but the chair of the meeting declared that the general sentiment was in support of the clinics. A couple of months later, Freda wrote for the Tribune’s magazine section as part of a debate about the segregation of the sexes. ‘All healthy minded people must agree,’ she declared, ‘that it is best if girls and boys can mix freely socially, while keeping a good attitude towards one another. … To my mind, co-education from childhood upwards is the only solution.’ But swayed by her experience as a college teacher, she was also concerned that women students were ignoring skills such as cooking and sewing. ‘The trouble with the present system is that a young man is usually faced with the alternative of a young modern educated wife, who has no idea of running a home intelligently or of bringing up children well, or on the other hand of a pretty girl, very uneducated, who can cook, sew and manage and bring up children but will live a life very apart from him, and be quite unable either to act as a hostess to his friends or to educate his children in the way he would like. I believe that in modern India, a wife, if she is to be useful must be educated, but I am shocked at the way girls in college here neglect learning household affairs. After all, the majority of girls are going to be married and it is only kindness to their husbands to be and their children that they should know something of the more practical things of life.’ In comments that must have upset some of her students, Freda went on to say that the ‘trouble is that, because higher education is something of a rarity here still, girls become swelled-headed and think that they are sure to marry rich husbands and that it is below their dignity to work in the house.’ This combination of progressive and traditional outlooks was a hallmark of Freda’s take on life, and evident in it is how she saw her own role in the household, as her husband’s companion and collaborator, but also as the homemaker. (Photos extracted and text excerpted with permission from The Lives of Freda; written by Andrew Whitehead; published by Penguin. The excerpt here is a part of the chapter titled ‘From a Woman’s Window’.)last_img read more


CJI sexual harassment case Women protest outside SC 50 detained

first_imgNEW DELHI: There was chaos outside the Supreme Court as several women activists and lawyers gathered outside Gate C to protest on Tuesday, a day after a three-member in-house inquiry panel gave a clean chit to Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi in the sexual harassment charges against him. The crowd started to gather around 10.15am. In the next half an hour, there was a massive security cover and cops started to detain women who were sloganeering. After a lot of hustle, over 50 women were detained during the demonstration where protesters demanded a fair probe into the allegations levelled by a former Supreme Court staffer. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss account details under automatic exchange framework This comes a day after the three-judge top court panel headed by Justice SA Bobde found no substance in the sexual harassment allegations levelled by a former apex court employee against Chief Justice Gogoi. Annie Raja, National Federation of India Women, General Secretary, said that the protest was being held to question the method adopted by the in-house investigation panel which gave a clean chit to Ranjan Gogoi. She said that the activists want a fair trial for the ex-Supreme court staffer who had earlier accused the CJI of sexually harassing her. Also Read – Trio win Nobel Medicine Prize for work on cells, oxygen A few men also gathered as they saw the women protesting, coming out in favour of the complainant, who on April 30, had accused the Chief Justice of India (CJI) of sexually harassing her and had said that she would no longer appear before the in-house panel set up by the apex court to probe her charges as she felt that she was not likely to get justice. “We stand in solidarity with the complainant. We vehemently reject this conclusion as it has been arrived at without adherence to norms of a fair and independent enquiry. We are utterly dismayd and shocked by this blatant abuse of power exercised by the highest constitutional authority,” said an activist present there. Adding to this, another activist said that they are aghast that 22 years after the Vishakha guidelines and six years after the passing of the Act, there are no clear procedures laid down to address complaints of sexual harassment against the CJI, sitting and retired judges of the Supreme Court. “Today is a dark and sad day. The Supreme Court has told us that when it comes to one of its own, imbalances of power don’t matter, due process doesn’t matter, the basic norms of justice don’t matter,” said an activist. “This clean chit is a farce. If the Supreme Court does not give justice to the women, where should the women go? If justice is not provided to us, then you are compelling us to get to the streets to demand it. We are left with no option to make our voices get heard. How many women will the police send behind bars? We will protest over there as well,” said Rakhi Sehgal, labour activist and researcher.(with inputs of TOI)last_img read more


HDFC Q4 profits rises by 27 to Rs 2862 cr

first_imgNew Delhi: Mortgage lender HDFC Monday posted a 26.8 per cent rise in its standalone net profit at Rs 2,862 crore for the fourth quarter ended March 2019. The company had reported a net profit of Rs 2,257 crore in the January-March quarter of the previous fiscal. Total income during the quarter rose to Rs 11,586.58 crore as against Rs 9,322.36 crore in the year-ago period. During the quarter, the net interest income improved to Rs 3,161 crore compared to Rs 2,650 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year, representing a growth of 19 per cent, HDFC said in a statement. The board has proposed a final dividend of Rs 17.50 per share and the proposed final dividend is in addition to the interim dividend of Rs 3.50 per share declared by the board of directors on March 6, 2019, it said. The total dividend for the year is Rs 21 as against Rs 20 per share for the previous year. Besides, the board has also approved issuance of redeemable non-convertible debentures or any other hybrid instruments not in nature of equity shares up to Rs 1.25 lakh crore on private placement basis to fund its business growth. The company has also approved re-appointment of Nasser Munjee and J J Irani as independent directors for a term of two consecutive years each with effect from July 21, 2019. “The corporation has adopted Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) from April 1, 2018, and the effective date for such transition is April 1, 2017. Accordingly, the standalone and the consolidated financial statements for the financial year ended March 31, 2019, have been prepared in accordance with Ind AS specified under the Companies Act, 2013 and other relevant provisions of the Companies Act, 2013,” it said. The comparative figures of the previous year have been restated to make them comparable, it said. For the entire 2018-19, its net profit declined by 12 per cent to Rs 9,632.46 crore from Rs 10,959.34 crore in the previous fiscal. On a consolidated basis, the profit during the year increased to Rs 17,580.51 crore from Rs 13,111.21 crore in the previous fiscal. The profit numbers for the year ended March 31, 2019, are not comparable with that of the year ended March 31, 2018. In the previous year, the corporation had sold shares in the initial public offer of HDFC Life Insurance, it said. At the same time, total income on consolidated basis also improved to Rs 96,194.87 crore from Rs 79,819.60 crore in 2017-18. The net interest income for the year ended March 31, 2019 rose to Rs 11,403 crore compared to Rs 9,635 crore in the previous year, representing a growth of 18 per cent. With regard to asset quality, it said, the gross non-performing loans as at March 31, 2019, stood at Rs 4,777 crore which is equivalent to 1.18 per cent of the loan portfolio. The non-performing loans of the individual portfolio stood at 0.70 per cent while that of the non-individual portfolio stood at 2.34 per cent.last_img read more


Logan Stieber a Jedi Master for Ohio State wrestling

Redshirt-senior Logan Stieber smiles as he is named 2015 Big Ten Champion on March 8 at St. John Arena. Stieber became the first-ever OSU wrestler to win the title 4 times.Credit: Patrick Kalista / Lantern reporterIt’s 7:30 a.m. on a Wednesday, less than a week before Logan Stieber and his wrestling teammates board a bus for St. Louis and the NCAA Championships. The three-time National Champion is waiting in the French Field House for his teammates and coaches to arrive for conditioning. Why someone of his caliber would need to be up this early for a workout is debatable, but that’s what makes Stieber a different breed of athlete. Sprints of 300 meters ensued after a half-mile warm up run, and Stieber was near the front for every activity. I should know: I partook in this workout.After being in the lead for maybe 10 seconds of the opening sprint, I felt my legs turn to jelly, my heart beat faster than the OSU drumline as I watched the other wrestlers all pass me by. Coach Tom Ryan put my underwhelming performance in wrestling terms: “You got the first takedown, then you got tech falled.” The run was part of a single day I spent as part of the OSU wrestling team. My goal: to see what it takes to compete like Big Ten champion Logan Stieber.In the humid confines of the indoor track facility, the average person might want to wear less clothing whenever possible. But Stieber, with a 2015 season record of 24-0, makes sure he sweats enough for the entire team with a long-sleeve shirt and sweats tucked into his socks, so not to trip over his red and black Nike running shoes. “I have goals beyond college wrestling that I want to accomplish, so that keeps me motivated,” the No. 1-seeded 141-pounder said. “Everyone I wrestle wants to be the one who knocks me off, so I always have to be on my game.”Stieber recently won his fourth Big Ten title and did so in a place he has come very familiar with while at OSU: St. John Arena. His performance might have been one of the most dominant in finals history — a 16-1 technical fall in 187 seconds — and Stieber said he went in hoping to give the crowd something to remember him by.“Competing one last time in St. John Arena was unbelievable,” he said. “I thought I wrestled smart and a little conservative my first two matches of the tournament, but for my last match, I wanted to go out and score lots of points and put on a show.”Ryan, who won Big Ten Coach of the Year, put Stieber’s performance in a category by itself, but said he has come to expect that from his senior leader.“When you master a position and your opponent has no answer to it, that’s what happens,” Ryan said. “Logan’s not good at the position, he’s not great at the position, he’s not extraordinary at the position. He’s a Jedi Master.”Stieber became the first Buckeye to “four-peat” a championship and was just the 14th wrestler in Big Ten history to achieve four conference titles. Doing it at home made the moment even more perfect, Ryan said.“It was a fitting ending to the most amazing career in over a 100-year history of Ohio State wrestling,” he said. “That’s the way he should have gone out. It was amazing.”Winning championships has been the norm for Stieber since he started wrestling, having won the state tournament in Ohio all four years at Monroeville High School. Those experiences, combined with his 114-3 collegiate record, have made some indelible memories for Stieber. They include winning his fourth high school state title, his first national title, being named 2015 Big Ten Most Outstanding Wrestler of the Year and the 2013-14 Ohio State Male Athlete of the Year.He has also appreciated the chance to share his success with his younger brother, Hunter, who battled injuries all season, but has long pushed his elder sibling to be the best.How someone could become so dominant at one individual sport is a question many have asked Logan Stieber, but he deflects all credit to those who have long supported him.“My coaches and training partners are the reasons why I am as good as I am,” he said.Stieber, who has managed 49 falls, 26 technical falls and 17 major decisions, has about 10 days left in his college wrestling career, but his legacy in the sport will survive. And after a brief break, he will be back training in freestyle wrestling, with his goal to make the 2015 world team and, ultimately, the 2016 Olympic team.Before he represents his country, Stieber has one more tournament to try to win for OSU. He hopes to join the likes of Cael Sanderson, Pat Smith and Kyle Dake as a four-time NCAA champion — a goal he set for himself as a freshman, he said.“It would be amazing to win my fourth,” Stieber said. “It was a goal of mine when I first came to college and it’s cool that I have a chance to do it. It would be an accumulation of my life of work to end my career at Ohio State with my fourth NCAA title and team title.” read more


Bayern Munich target a move for Griezmann

first_imgBayern Munich have named Antoine Griezmann as their top transfer target for next summer, despite his €200m release clause at Atletico MadridThe Bavarians feel that their current squad will be able make it seven successive Bundesliga titles this season and have a respectable run in the Champions League at the same time.But AS reports that Bayern are aware that the clock is ticking for the likes of Arjen Robben, 34, and Franck Ribery, 35, who are now well into the twilight phase of their playing careers.Due to this, a new star is needed at the Allianz Arena and Bayern have named Griezmann as the ideal signing.The German side views the World Cup winner as the best striker in European football right now.Although the club president Uni Hoeness is aware that signing Griezmann will not come at a cheap price and plans to make an approach next summer instead, where he will have adequate funds at his disposal to pay for his €200m buy-out clause.Mario Mandzukic, JuventusJuventus confirm Mario Mandzukic could leave this month Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Sporting director Fabio Paratici confirmed reports that Mario Mandzukic could leave Juventus for a move to an unnamed Qatari team.Griezmann was originally available for €100m, but he signed a new contract at Atletico before this summer’s World Cup after opting against joining La Liga rivals Barcelona.Plan BShould their attempts to sign Griezmann next summer fail, then Bayern will then turn their focus onto signing Juventus’ Paulo Dybala.The Argentine striker is set to play a key role alongside Cristiano Ronaldo up front for Juventus this season and is contracted at the club until June 2022.Although Dybala had been linked with a move to Atletico last season after being seen with manager Diego Simeone back in March.Dybala managed 22 goals and seven assists in 33 Serie A games last season.last_img read more


KMC gives plot of land to Netaji Eye Hospital group for another

first_imgKolkata: Ramchandrapur, a village in Purulia has become a well known name in Bengal because of Netaji Eye Hospital, a non-profit super specialty hospital set up by one of the close associates of Subhas Chandra Bose has served thousands of poor and tribal people.The hospital is being run by Sri Sri Bijoykrishna Ashram Relief Society, a charitable organization. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has given a plot of land to them to set up an eye hospital for people coming from economically challenged background at Sarsuna Satellite township. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsA five-storeyed (G+4) building is coming up at the site to house a 100 bed super specialty eye hospital. The Society is already running a 25 bed mini eye hospital next to the proposed super specialty hospital.The high quality of treatment has attracted patients from the neighbouring states of Odisha, Bihar and Jharkhand. At a time when the cost of eye treatment is going up and is beyond the reach of a common man, the Netaji Eye Hospital stands out like an oasis for those coming from economically challenged background. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedSwami Asimananda Saraswati , one of the close associates of Netaji founded the hospital in Purulia in 1953 and named it after his mentor Netaji. In one of the trips to Purulia in the early 1940s, Subhas Chandra had told Swami Asimananda to do something for the blind as blindness was a major disease in Purulia because of poverty.The 250 bed rural based hospital has attracted patients from all over Bengal and some neighbouring states because of the dedication and state of the art method of treatment. Daily 400/500 patients, on an average, are visiting the out patient department (OPD) which is absolutely free. However, during the peak season , the number of patients crosses 700 per day. In the in-patient department of the hospital, 75% of the beds are meant for free patients. The hospital has an Eye bank cum Cornea Keratoplasty unit. There are seven operation theatres and dedicated speciality clinics, Cornea and vitro retinal services along with low vision aids, contact lens and other support services.There are outreach camps and screening camps held throughout the year. In the past 5 years, a total of 4,56, 269 patients were treated in the OPD while total surgeries performed 40,961 during this period. The hospital has its branches in Durgapur, Bankura and a project is coming up at Asansol. All these centres are meant for poor people who cannot afford costly treatment.last_img read more