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Dembélé, the confined conf invisible ’

first_imgNobody escapes by now the withdrawn and sickly shyness of Ousmane Dembélé, But the truth is that they have been enhanced since the State of Alarm began, which forced everyone to be confined to their homes.During the month that the players have been confined at home, who more or less have shared their personal experiences with the fans. Some have posted videos training at home, others have participated in challenges and activities promoted through social media, and some have even encouraged people to stay home or have made donations public. for aid against the fight against the pandemic. The most determined have even participated in interviews with the club’s official media or have held chat sessions with fans. Everyone, in one way or another, has done their bit to make this hard confinement more bearable Everyone? Well no, there is always an exception in a group. And in the case of the FC Barcelona locker room it is Ousmane Dembélé. The French striker has only appeared during this month to publish the statement that Leo Messi sent as captain to announce that the first-team squad accepted the 70% pay cut of the salary while the State of Alarm lasts while he regretted the pressures received from the club. A statement that was shared by all players without exception. This is the only sign of Dembélé’s life during his forced confinement. Nothing is known of his recovery – it must be remembered that the striker underwent surgery on February 11 of a ruptured femoral biceps tendon in his right leg; In principle, he still has a long way to go, since the initial forecast was six months, so at best he would be back in July.Nor is it with his colleagues that he communicates openly. Apart from the francés French clan ’, with whom he continues to have contact, with the rest of the players in the squad there has been little communication. In fact, it was the only absence that stands out among the footballers at the telematic meeting held by the squad on Tuesday. A drop that, incidentally, was discussed during the conversation.His last image, shared on Instagram, apart from the statement, dates back to January 20, where he posted an image of him running in the Ciutat Esportiva in the final stretch of his recovery. Since that day, the French striker has disappeared from social networks.At the club, for his part, he is extremely concerned that confinement ends up hurting Dembélé. And not only because he cannot follow the rehabilitation guidelines in an ideal way when having to do everything at home under the supervision of a recuperator, but also because he could return to some of his bad habits due to confinement, such as playing video games until late at night. the early morning or a less controlled diet based on ‘fast food’.last_img read more