Month: May 2020


1×1 of Barcelona: if Messi does not dial, no one here dials

first_imgTer Stegen: Despite the two goals, the German goalkeeper made an outstanding game, especially after a spectacular stop to a shot of Isco that slipped through the entire squad. Semedo: He halted Vinicius practically the whole game, but in the only play that the Brazilian missed, he ended up opening the score. Offensively it continues contributing things, but it should be more protagonist because it has conditions to do it.Pique: Impeccable game of the Catalan central, although he had no luck in the play of the first goal, since I diverted the shot of Vinicius enough to deceive Ter Stegen. He had a great chance at a Messi center, but he finished off incomprehensibly outside. He took a ball between sticks after a header from Isco and Ter Stegen could not clear it completely.Umtiti: The Frenchman is offering an incontestable improvement in the last games, although in Mariano’s goal he showed once again that he is slower than the bad horse.Sunrise: He was not one hundred percent and it was especially noticeable in the second part, where he hardly took the attack. Between Valverde and Carvajal they made him suffer the unspeakable for his band. He gave a great assistance to Griezmann, who missed.Sergio Busquets: Formidable in every way, although he made some mistake of a lump at some ball out. He served a sung goal to Messi, which he misunderstood. In the second part he was more demanded and with more problems to give continuity in the game. Arthur: Your best game this season. The Brazilian was very dynamic and active throughout the game, but Setién decided to replace it incomprehensibly. He had a hand in hand with Courtois, but the Belgian goal was smarter.From Jong: Too irregular, alternating good phases of play with others quite misguided. In any case, an impressive play was given, surpassing lines with ease and giving great assistance from Leo, which the Argentine could not bring to fruition.Arturo vidal: Bad match of the Chilean. Unsuccessful with the ball and not very precise when pressing. He never knew how to get along with De Jong when he was practically in no man’s land and Setién was forced to replace him with so much nonsense in the game.Messi: The Argentine could not score and increases his scoring drought against Real Madrid. In any case, he had two great chances to beat Courtois, but this time the white goalkeeper won the game. And we already know that if Leo does not mark, in this Barca nobody marks.Griezmann: The Frenchman was very dynamic and always offering himself in attack, having a great opportunity with a shot on the front of the area that went out. In the second part, the striker faded into the field and ended up being replaced.CHANGES:Braithwaite: He jumped into the field like an exhale, having a great opportunity to beat Courtois. It is clear that the Danish is called to do important things in this team.Ansu Fati: He could barely participate when entering the last minutes.Rakitic: The Croatian, in his line in the last matches.last_img read more


Stationary bike and lots of home: this is how Atleti spends his days without football

first_imgLlorente doing static bike. Atlético will not return to training until Monday, for the time being, before a weekend without football, LaLiga canceled, therefore the San Mamés match, and the footballers remain in Madrid (order of the rojiblanco club, despite the days without football or sessions they must remain in the city and not go to spend the weekend there; all physical stores have also been closed). Many aware of the situation in the country due to the crisis caused by Covid-19 that will cause the government to declare a state of alarm starting tomorrow. That is, home, family and remote work, like many of the Spanish this day. This was reported by some on their social networks. This is the case of Saúl who posted a publication that appeared next to a computer and the message that the political, public and health sectors have been launching for days: #quedateencasa. “Let’s be prudent and responsible”, the fourth rojiblanco captain headed his message. Felipe posted a similar photo, also on the computer, from home. Marcos Llorente, meanwhile, advocated showing that he continues to work even if they do not actually have telework. Atletico, in principle, will return to training on Monday, it has not been canceled, but it is armored: they will be behind closed doors, without even a press and without the footballers stopping to sign autographs and photos for the fans, in addition to canceling the wheels Press, commercial events and personalized interviews. But the sport in the case of Marcos it is in their DNA. The photo that he hung during these days with everything detained because of the Covid-19 is doing an exercise bike as if he were in the Cerro … but at home.last_img read more


The Madrid that Zidane projects

first_imgIn short, in that new Madrid that Zidane is profiling, there is less possession, more physical vigor and faster transitions and a clear reference above, what has been missing since Cristiano left. The two main proper names must be those of Pogba and Haaland and they would be joined by Hazard and Asensio, almost unpublished in the season that is interrupted. It is already a fact that Zidane is planning the next season. Within the entity there is little confidence that what remains of it can be completed and, whatever happens if it resumes, the French coach will command the next project. Zidane has learned from his own mistakes in this second stage at the helm of the team and has already set to work to correct them. He knows that there are many players on the squad who are over 30 years old, many of them vital in previous wins (Ramos, Marcelo, Kroos, Modric, Benzema …) and He wants an eleven guy with much more physical vigor. Zidane projects a new Madrid. ANDREW YATES & nbsp; (REUTERS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>ANDREW YATES (REUTERS) In the middle of the field.That’s where Zidane wants to kick off with the addition of Pogba and definitely make a change to the style of play towards a much more English one, back and forth, with less possession and faster transitions. Pogba is the chosen one. Casemiro would remain as an anchor, in a fixed position ahead of the centrals, and there would be two true midfielders in the eleven type, Kroos and Pogba. The Frenchman, with a lot of physical display and arrival, just as he plays for United and France. Valverde would be the victim. He and Modric would be on the bench as alternatives to take breaks or as a Plan B. option.center_img In the frontIt is still to be decided whether Madrid gets into the operation for Haaland. If he did this it would mean a substantial change in the eleven type because Benzema would have a very difficult time playing. The French striker is already 32 years old but has been so careful in recent seasons that he seems to be at the best moment of his career. A dilemma. With Haaland in the field and Hazard (100 million were spent for him, the Belgian will have a leading role), it remains to be seen if Zidane bets on a natural drawing and puts Vinicius on the right or if he invents something to put Hazard as a playmaker and put an attack pair with Benzema and Haaland himself. On the right, Asensio It can also be an option for Vinicius for your ideal eleven.WOLFGANG RATTAY & nbsp; (REUTERS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>WOLFGANG RATTAY (REUTERS) In defenseIn defense Zidane cannot do without the great captain, Sergio Ramos, true supporter of the group for his charisma. He is obsessed with preparation and has a privileged physique, so he is still the backbone of the project. The main change is in Mendy. The side, out of the PSG youth team, will have all the gallons next season. In which we are in progress he usually already plays the hardest games: the one in Paris and the first leg against City in the Champions League, the one in Pizjuán in the League or the first Clásico in Barcelona … There will be a definitive “sorpasso” on the side.OSCAR DEL POZO & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>OSCAR DEL POZO (AFP)last_img read more


Dembélé, the confined conf invisible ’

first_imgNobody escapes by now the withdrawn and sickly shyness of Ousmane Dembélé, But the truth is that they have been enhanced since the State of Alarm began, which forced everyone to be confined to their homes.During the month that the players have been confined at home, who more or less have shared their personal experiences with the fans. Some have posted videos training at home, others have participated in challenges and activities promoted through social media, and some have even encouraged people to stay home or have made donations public. for aid against the fight against the pandemic. The most determined have even participated in interviews with the club’s official media or have held chat sessions with fans. Everyone, in one way or another, has done their bit to make this hard confinement more bearable Everyone? Well no, there is always an exception in a group. And in the case of the FC Barcelona locker room it is Ousmane Dembélé. The French striker has only appeared during this month to publish the statement that Leo Messi sent as captain to announce that the first-team squad accepted the 70% pay cut of the salary while the State of Alarm lasts while he regretted the pressures received from the club. A statement that was shared by all players without exception. This is the only sign of Dembélé’s life during his forced confinement. Nothing is known of his recovery – it must be remembered that the striker underwent surgery on February 11 of a ruptured femoral biceps tendon in his right leg; In principle, he still has a long way to go, since the initial forecast was six months, so at best he would be back in July.Nor is it with his colleagues that he communicates openly. Apart from the francés French clan ’, with whom he continues to have contact, with the rest of the players in the squad there has been little communication. In fact, it was the only absence that stands out among the footballers at the telematic meeting held by the squad on Tuesday. A drop that, incidentally, was discussed during the conversation.His last image, shared on Instagram, apart from the statement, dates back to January 20, where he posted an image of him running in the Ciutat Esportiva in the final stretch of his recovery. Since that day, the French striker has disappeared from social networks.At the club, for his part, he is extremely concerned that confinement ends up hurting Dembélé. And not only because he cannot follow the rehabilitation guidelines in an ideal way when having to do everything at home under the supervision of a recuperator, but also because he could return to some of his bad habits due to confinement, such as playing video games until late at night. the early morning or a less controlled diet based on ‘fast food’.last_img read more