Month: August 2017


How to analyze the user needs to do website optimization layout

second, the key concerns of customers to illustrate. Because our products are computer software of the midwife, customer demand is the most obvious way to use and product characteristics, in order to allow customers to understand the product features more straightforward for their own web site, customer concerns, through graphic explanation, to the customer display, so that the combination of graphic more straightforward to understand this product in the end is how one thing, in the setting of the layout of the site, itself has the product picture list display, to meet user needs. Open your own website and use of computer software products almost in our consumers are covered, a mining user contact demand is more important. read more


A new station on the line how simple Shanghai Longfeng optimization settings

first, pay attention to the three label writing position and call way. After I build the site the first thing is to write three labels, we enter. The background, system basic parameters and site settings, we carefully written three labels including title tags, Keywords tag and description tag, the control can be shown below.

third, we went on this page or column page for three tag optimization. The specific way is in the just mentioned < the naming rules of > see list < naming rules > here we can see that the three Dongdong, Shanghai dragon title here Shanghai dragon Title specifically refers to the list of pages of Shanghai Longfeng title, according to their list of pictures or articles list theme general discussion and summary, secondly, keywords, see column description > read more


Look at the Ministry of Railways opened the first railway ticketing website from the perspective of

Chinese railway ministry official opened a foreign internet ticket, there are some websites can buy train tickets online, but basically are the main source of purchasing services, ticket outlets to purchase, and then through the normal charge of purchasing fee (5 yuan), the operation mode of operation and some additional delivery fee. Since November 20, 2011, the national railway all direct express train (beginning with "Z" trips) the implementation of the Internet directly the national railway ticket, all express trains since December 10th (beginning with "T" trips) the implementation of the Internet directly ticket, can be said to be the official BTC. read more


How to do WordPress optimization of Shanghai Dragon (five) database optimizing

this is my first blog problems, then think the database should be not what problem, it has not used the database backup. The results on a day when the website database connection failed, when I was consulting to the operator, to know the database is damaged, when a data can not get back, I know, I’m more than a year into the East water post.

drop right

3, part of the data table is damaged, causing part of the page does not open, until it was found that the

this is the most difficult thing for me, because sometimes the site too much, there is no way to care. As part of the data table is damaged, can still access the page are normal, but there is no way to add and modify the new article, there is no way to upload pictures, even URL has changed. And before I often only check the normal home page, on the matter, but the search engine seems my website is not normal, and this kind of sites have to be right down, until I realized it was time to database problem, it was too late. read more


How to let the URL of the content page also has ranked

search engine can bring traffic to the site site traffic, another way is to fixed users can also bring traffic, each new site is to flow from the search engine. The two ways to search engine traffic is a target keywords, another is the use of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords can help those website keyword index is not very high words to make up for the site traffic.

it has accounted for most of the site traffic. A new station takes a long time to get through the love of Shanghai assessment period of long tail keywords flow, less than three months, can not wait for the station to the site off and then re do another website, this website will not youshiwuzhong, for success. After half a year will be the target web site keywords ranking, the premise is the high amount of search keywords. Keywords search volume hypothesis is not high, will reduce a lot of time. In this method we say long tail keywords ranking. read more


Noble baby aunt recently updated page weight increase

has a lot of people ask me such a question, it is of interest to everyone, also is the site of the rankings and included problems:

check, noble baby this update, most web pages ranking promotion! Especially the text page, in fact this is not a weight drop, just page weight than the previous page weight higher. It was originally a part of the key word ranking is home, is now paging. I personally think that the noble baby this major update, there are three main points: 1, update 2, keyword matching; strengthen; 3, the word segmentation technology embodied stronger. read more


Ma Huateng at the beginning of business responsibility is not to drop line, the responsibility isCa

The following is the

NetEase Francisco November 18th news, today, held in Wuzhen, the Third World Conference of the Internet entrepreneurs’ forum, Tencent Holdings Ltd chairman and CEO Ma Huateng made about the "responsibility" is the theme of the share. Ma Huateng talked about just the past, "double 11", Tencent 18 birthday, himself in the circle of friends to send news that "eighteen years old, adult, Tencent’s responsibility is even greater."". Including the last four or five years, WeChat platform carries more important information security responsibility issues. read more


Earn short-term money and start earning long-term money from orientation. Start with learningFrom sh

online all kinds of information to make money a lot, I think we should have confidence in yourself, positioning yourself better at what to do, such as people at the global forum posts of friends, some people love software research software for a variety of mass advertising interest, some people prefer quiet typing similar manual live, love someone in the online chat, some people love study and found online advertisements or loopholes in looking for opportunities to make money, then according to their own relatively good to do, earn pocket money for living expenses even more substantial income is no problem. Just contact network because the see to earn 3000 yuan a month to recruit part-time information online, I think that is true, to find a few, that is what cheat mobile phone fee or registration signature, and then I did not believe that for the typist online, think also, sit a day playing a day a month several thousand the beggar, can get investment from broken computer began to learn typing from the need to worry! Such a good thing is to recruit? What the technical requirements of the Internet can make money to live in general is a code, post, write a class. " read more


Little brother Lecture Two webmaster quick money model, copy and copy actual combat articlesLet you

soft Wen promotion more and more by the webmaster favorite, of course, some of the more profitable sites and projects are no exception, so we usually read articles at the time, a lot of analysis in soft Wen appear >

network ubiquitous advertising, mail, forum, group advertisement, everywhere they send the purpose of advertising is to make money, so treat these ads, we should try to point in, see what site they do, is how to profit, what value we study and research.

other forms are similar to dynamic content and too many images. read more


Wangzhuan Pioneer Taobao business promotion cheats the crown of the roadA5 essay SEO road dream into

Taobao business promotion crown cheats

I do not like the other SEOer has experienced many ups and downs is exposed to SEO, 7 ghosts at school because my roommate rendering, the initial contact with the SEO, some basic concepts, so in later get started faster. There was no analysis of the SEO industry, so I went to work in Nanjing, like other students, on a state-owned enterprise. The life let me idle panic, dazed and confused me, there is no plan to stay down into the factory, indeed, three months after I left the state-owned enterprises. read more