Vermont unemployment rate declines one-tenth to 5.8 percent

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first_imgESTIMATED NONFARM EMPLOYMENT IN VERMONT(Not Seasonally Adjusted) Current Employment Statistics Program (CES). Produced by the Vermont Department of Labor in cooperation with the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. TotalNumberNumberSept-11Aug-11Sept-10AreaLabor ForceEmployedUnemployedRate (%)Rate (%)Rate (%) Program Update: Starting with the March 2011 numbers, the Current Employment Statistics (CES) estimates transitioned from the VT Department of Labor to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS implemented several methodological changes to standardize the estimation approach across states. While these changes will reduce the potential for statistical bias in state and metropolitan area estimates, they may increase the month to month variability of the estimates.  More information is available on the BLS website at is external). PrelimRevisedRevisedChanges From:% Changes From:INDUSTRY BY NAICSSep-11Aug-11Sep-10Aug-11Sep-10Aug-11Sep-10        Changes From Barre-Montpelier30,80029,2501,5505.05.35.4Bennington12,60011,7508006.66.96.3Bradford4,7504,4503006.16.26.2Brattleboro25,05023,6001,4505.85.55.5Burlington-South Burlington119,650114,6505,0504.24.64.7Hartford19,55018,7508004.03.63.8Manchester12,20011,4507005.86.06.3Middlebury18,65017,7509004.95.35.3Morristown-Stowe20,50019,3501,1005.55.65.9Newport13,70012,6501,0507.77.87.4Randolph8,7008,1505506.36.06.1Rutland28,05026,2001,8506.76.46.8Springfield11,45010,6508007.17.07.3St. Johnsbury14,60013,7508505.76.15.8Swanton-Enosburg14,95014,1008505.66.16.3Warren-Waitsfield4,2004,0002004.34.14.5Woodstock3,6003,4002005.94.74.6Vermont Total365,200346,05019,1505.25.45.5   Private Industries249.8250.0242.9-0.26.9-0.12.8    Construction13.113.313.3-0.2-0.2-1.5-1.5    Manufacturing31.832.330.8-0.51.0-1.53.2      Durable Goods23.023.521.7-0.51.3-2.16.0      Non-Durable Goods8. Trade, Transportation & Utilities56.656.956.2-0.30.4-0.50.7   Wholesale Trade9.   Retail Trade 38.138.338.0-0.20.1-0.50.3   Trans., Warehousing & Utilities8.78.98.5-0.20.2-2.22.4 Financial Activities12.312.312.    Professional & Business Services25.424.923.      Professional., Scientific & Technical15.715.513.      Administrative Support & Waste9. Education & Health Services60.560.559.   Private Ed. Services12.612.812.5-0.20.1-1.60.8   Health Care & Social Assistance47.947.746.    Leisure & Hospitality 34.334.      Arts, Entertainment & Recreation3.      Accommodation & Food Services30.530.428. Other Services9.99.910.00.0-0.10.0-1.0  Total Government53.552.654.20.9-0.71.7-1.3     State Government17.917.317.     Local Government28.728.130.00.6-1.32.1-4.3Burlington-S. Burlington MSA Sep-11 Aug-11 Sep-10 Aug-11 Sep-10 Aug-11 Sep-10 Total – Nonfarm303.3302.6297. The Vermont Department of Labor announced today the seasonally-adjusted statewide unemployment rate for September 2011 was 5.8 percent, a decrease of one-tenth of a percent from the August rate. Compared to a year ago, the rate is lower by one-tenth of a percentage point. The Vermont unemployment rate continues to be well below the national rate. In September 2011, the seasonally-adjusted national unemployment rate was 9.1 percent. The United States has held steady at this rate for the last three months. ‘This monthly data was the first glimpse into the economic picture post-Irene. While the destruction caused by the storm was extensive and wide spread, it did create economic opportunities. The recovery effort generated job openings and enticed discouraged workers to return to the labor force. During the recovery, the Vermont Department of Labor’s Career Resource Centers’ services have effectively assisted employers by matching them with potential employees. Employers are encouraged to continue to leverage these services and list employment opportunities with the Department of Labor. Overall, weare excited to see tremendous cooperation between public and private entities working on Vermont’s recovery,’ said Labor Commissioner Annie Noonan.State of Vermont OverviewThe Vermont seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased by one-tenth of a percent in Septemberto 5.8 percent. The comparable rateover the same time period for the United States was unchanged; remaining stable at 9.1 percent.The seasonally-adjusted Vermont data show the total Vermont labor force grew by 2,300. Total employmentincreased by 2,100 while total unemployment was unchanged over the month. Theover the month changesto the total labor force and total employment were statistically significant.September unemployment rates for Vermont’s 17 labor market areas ranged from 4.0 percent in Hartford to 7.7 percent in Newport (note: local labor market area unemployment rates are not seasonally adjusted). For comparison, theSeptember unadjusted unemployment rate for Vermont was 5.2 percent which reflects a decrease of two-tenths of a percent from the August level and a decline of three-tenths of a percent from a year ago.Analysis of Job Changes by IndustryThe preliminary ‘not seasonally adjusted’ jobs numbers for September show anincrease of 7,600 jobs when compared to the revised August numbers. This reported over the month change does not include the 100 job increase between the preliminary and the revised August estimates due to the inclusion of more data. As detailed in the preliminary ‘not seasonally adjusted’September data, Total Private displays a decrease of 2,950 jobs and Government reports an increase of 10,550 jobs. The positive increase to Government was driven by typical seasonal fluctuations in the public education system as reflected in the over the month changes in both State Government Education and Local Government Education, +2,400 and +9,150 jobs, respectively.In the private sector, Educational and Health Services (+1,200 jobs) reported the largest nominal increase while Leisure and Hospitality (-2,800 jobs) reported the largest nominal decrease.The seasonally adjusted data for Septemberreports an increase of 700 jobs from the revised August data.  As with the ‘not seasonally adjusted’ data, this over the month change is from the revised August numbers which experienced a downward revision from the preliminary estimates by300 jobs.  A review of the seasonally adjusted Septembernumbers reflects that the large nominal over the month changes reported in the non-seasonally adjusted data were seasonal in nature and typical.  The seasonally adjusted data had few over the month changes of significant magnitude.  Vermont’s Private Industries reported a decrease of 200 jobs while Total Government reported a 900 job increase.  The private industries of note were Manufacturing (-500 jobs) and Professional & Business Services (+500 jobs).  VERMONT LABOR FORCE AND UNEMPLOYMENTLABOR MARKET AREAS BY RESIDENCE (Not Seasonally Adjusted)September 2011 Estimatescenter_img Vermont Labor Force Statistics (Seasonally Adjusted) Total Labor Force362,100359,800360,1002,3002,000   Employment340,900338,800338,8002,1002,100   Unemployment21,10021,10021,3000-200   Rate (%)’s labor force, employment and unemployment statistics are produced from a combination of a Statewide survey of households and statistical modeling.  The data are produced by the Local Area Unemployment Statistics Program (LAUS) a cooperative program with the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Vermont Department of Labor.Vermont Seasonally Adjusted Nonfarm Employment in ThousandsBY NAICSPrelim.RevisedRevisedChange From:% Change From: Note: CES PROGRAM DATA ARE PRDUCED IN COOPERATION WITH THE U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICSESTIMATES ARE PRELIMINARY AND SUBJECT TO REVISION.  SEE ANNUAL SUMMARY FOR DETAILS Notes: Statewide Total Nonfarm is a summed total and Wholesale Trade has been added as a seasonally adjusted series in 2011.           Mining & Logging and Information are not published seasonally adjusted because the seasonal component, which is                  small relative to the trend-cycle and irregular components, cannot be separated with sufficient precision. Note: Unemployment rate is calculated as the number of unemployed divided by total labor force and expressed as a percent.Source: Vermont Department of Labor LAUS program in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics TOTAL NONFARM305,450297,850298,9507,6006,5002.6%2.2% TOTAL PRIVATE251,600254,550244,650-2,9506,950-1.2%2.8% GOODS PRODUCING47,45048,60046,750-1,150700-2.4%1.5%   MANUFACTURING31,95032,45031,150-500800-1.5%2.6%     Durable Goods23,10023,50021,950-4001,150-1.7%5.2%       Computer & Electrical Equipment Mfg.8,0508,1508,200-100-150-1.2%-1.8%       Fabricated Metal Products Mfg.2,4002,4002,400000.0%0.0%     Non-Durable Goods8,8508,9509,200-100-350-1.1%-3.8%       Food Mfg.4,3504,3504,20001500.0%3.6%   CONSTRUCTION14,75015,35014,800-600-50-3.9%-0.3%   MINING & LOGGING750800800-50-50-6.3%-6.3%  SERVICE-PROVIDING258,000249,250252,2008,7505,8003.5%2.3%    TRADE, TRANSPORTATION AND UTILITIES56,75057,05055,950-300800-0.5%1.4%      Wholesale Trade9,8509,7509,6501002001.0%2.1%      Retail Trade38,05038,65037,700-600350-1.6%0.9%        Food & Beverage Stores9,6009,8509,700-250-100-2.5%-1.0%        General Merchandise Store2,9502,9502,9000500.0%1.7%      Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities8,8508,6508,6002002502.3%2.9%         Utilities1,8001,8501,800-500-2.7%0.0%         Transportation & Warehousing7,0506,8006,8002502503.7%3.7%    INFORMATION5,1005,1505,250-50-150-1.0%-2.9%    FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES12,30012,40012,100-100200-0.8%1.7%      Finance & Insurance9,3009,3509,100-50200-0.5%2.2%      Real Estate, Rental & Leasing3,0003,0503,000-500-1.6%0.0%    PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS SERVICES25,90025,75023,6501502,2500.6%9.5%      Professional, Scientific and Technical15,60015,65013,500-502,100-0.3%15.6%      Administrative, Support and Waste9,9509,7009,2502507002.6%7.6%    EDUCATIONAL AND HEALTH SERVICES60,80059,60059,3501,2001,4502.0%2.4%      Educational Services12,90011,75012,8501,150509.8%0.4%        College, Universities and Professional7,8006,6007,4001,20040018.2%5.4%      Health Care and Social Assistance47,90047,85046,500501,4000.1%3.0%        Ambulatory Health Care Services16,30016,20015,4001009000.6%5.8%        Hospitals12,75012,75012,60001500.0%1.2%        Nursing and Residential Care Facilities7,2007,3007,100-100100-1.4%1.4%    LEISURE AND HOSPITALITY33,25036,05031,650-2,8001,600-7.8%5.1%      Arts, Entertainment and Recreation4,0504,3504,100-300-50-6.9%-1.2%      Accommodation and Food Services29,20031,70027,550-2,5001,650-7.9%6.0%         Accommodations9,10010,5009,050-1,40050-13.3%0.6%            Hotels & Motels7,6008,4008,000-800-400-9.5%-5.0%         Food Services and Drinking Places20,10021,20018,500-1,1001,600-5.2%8.6%    OTHER SERVICES10,0509,9509,9501001001.0%1.0%    GOVERNMENT53,85043,30054,30010,550-45024.4%-0.8%       Federal Government6,5506,6006,400-50150-0.8%2.3%       State Government Education9,3006,9008,6002,40070034.8%8.1%       Local Government Education21,50012,35023,1009,150-1,60074.1%-6.9%       Other State Government8,9509,3009,150-350-200-3.8%-2.2%       Other Local Government7,5508,1507,050-600500-7.4%7.1%  Total – Nonfarm115.1114.7111. September2011August2011September2010August2011September2010last_img

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