10 problems about Shanghai Longfeng enterprise website

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five. The home page is animation or different national language versions of the button (common rate%15). The enterprise has to do foreign trade website particularly common, generally do foreign trade enterprise website at least 2 versions in English

four home page. No news module (common%60). About 2/3 of the enterprise home page is no news module, the general introduction of the home page is probably a company, then a good product navigation, there is a little module a latest products products show. This led directly to your love Shanghai snapshot not update, and let the user feel that you like a big company.


three. Background password changes (common rate%30). The small and medium-sized enterprise websites are basically outsourcing web companies do, then there will be a default username and password. Can let the webmaster feel unbelievable things, there are 3 of the enterprises to change the default password, and is provided with more than half of the company website links, as long as there is people who know you do find the default password, the light of your site as a station link, I will not say heavy consequences, believe that everyone is a occupation moral.

two. The contents of the product description (or no less common rate%80). Most of the small and medium-sized enterprise product description of a picture and a handful of numbers is gone, or from word directly inside a product parameter table copy into it, all the figures, search engines cannot from you this page content to determine the content of your keyword, then how could there be a ranking. Suggestions of input products to write some related products, can be the product application, product characteristics, and then do the related products recommended in the product page.

page. All the head and tail are the same (common%50). According to my personal statistics, about half of the small and medium-sized enterprise website is the same as the head and tail. The tail is the same, most of you have no Links or your Links is the total. But as the head, said the website has the title, keywords, description is the same, even if the search engine included you some of this page, you also can not get the rankings, and user experience is not good.

I recently came to a sales of electronic components company, just enter the first thing it is analysis of competitors, to see if there is no do a good site for a reference. But feel very disappointed, although some small and medium-sized enterprises now pay more and more attention to network promotion. Many companies will start bidding in Shanghai, above the noble love baby, but the real structure of the site itself do good is really very rare. This will lead to even if users from your advertisement there to your website, but because open speed too slow or not easy to find the products customers want, led directly to the customer off your site, thereby greatly reducing the rate of return on your investment. The author analyzes dozens of competing websites, summed up the following 10 points common enterprise website structure.

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