Detailed 123.125.71. love spiders in Shanghai P

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if you are standing, it is too dangerous for

if you are new, very normal

any new access to the Shanghai spiders love war is the beginning of 123, so you don’t have to worry about, as long as you check your original content, and don’t change the structure of the web site, will soon be out of love in Shanghai period, we usually say that the love of sand box. If you just changed the structure of the web site, you may prolong the period of study for a long time, because of the love of spiders in Shanghai also don’t know what time you can determine the structure, the main is to determine what you want to give the user a what kind of experience. The user experience is very important.

the home station www.iccdz贵族宝贝 Dong Zhuang writing original, reproduced please indicate the source

see such a IP today in a web log in my time is relatively tight, love Shanghai before an engineer said this is right down spider, then I asked a lot of friends have a lot of information, that this is not love Shanghai right down spider, but still more dangerous. The love of spiders in Shanghai as a period of love of spiders in Shanghai.

generally, if you are old station, and once the log is the beginning of 220, this time if you love Shanghai spiders access IP into the 123.125.71.* IP segment, it would need to be very careful, you need to look at your recent time is not collected a large number of articles, if needed, delete and update as soon as possible, a large number of original articles. Is not your website structure changed, this is a great influence, if the structure is changed, it may be as a new treatment. Another point is whether cheating, on which act to cheat, next time for everyone in detail.

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