Hot search donkey nets caused to our Shanghai dragon inspired

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second: a keen sense of smell and strong execution is the key of Shanghai dragon

three is more than my own for a little understanding of the event, I will try to write it out, in fact, writing is such a lot of time, write his own thoughts and experiences, is the summary of their views, but also a very good opportunity to own Lianbi, wrote here, original this paper consists of acne products 贵族宝贝fjzx.5d6d贵族宝贝, please indicate.

third: the use of

A5 is a very good article on the Internet it publishing platform, and every day can have some relatively popular Internet events, so we can write articles around these topics to write, if well written articles even if we did not like the Wang Tong teacher’s article that spread widely, but at least can also get a lot of reprint, sometimes get website’s favor, the Internet popular events is an important channel for our article sources.

donkey nets is a typical fault frequency of keywords, similar to the wrong frequency keywords we do when we Shanghai dragon can be appropriate to collect some easy wrong, homophonic words, we do this for days after the Shanghai dragon attracted traffic are of great help, and the most important is the keyword hardly what competition, we can easily make up, this can grow when the tail keywords to do, the more you, the flow is considerable.

: the first soft in the writing of

you may know, the "donkey nets" fire up is Wang Jianshuo rival Ganji people network was first discovered, which is a very keen sense of smell, and strong execution is the first time registered a donkey nets domain name, and immediately to the optimization, and to the word do the bidding, can spend the least money and do the best marketing effect, but also for huataijiaqian rival Ganji successfully intercepted traffic, has multiple purposes, this is the Shanghai dragon force.

on the wrong frequency of keywords

when I wrote this article we have seen Wang Tong teacher on the donkey nets articles, we all know that a good article is combined with the current hot topic, Wang Tong teacher "" donkey nets "incident in Shanghai" dragon inspired this article quickly in the Internet to spread up, and of course the teacher Wang Tong’s fame is also related to it. So the "donkey nets" event we can learn a lot about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, let me explain:

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