360 and Sogou joint, it is necessary to do the webmaster

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we know that 360 search is largely because it is the cause of the browser to occupy a certain share, but also basically use Sogou input method and browser occupy the market. The two companies have the intersection, but because of various reasons such as corporate culture, really get together and there is a long way to go. But in July 12th Sogou is online encyclopedia, if you really want to be acquired, this move will go without much meaning.

search was born, we found love Shanghai more and more focus on user experience, an algorithm adjustment to allow more high-quality content presented to the user (don’t tell me to fall in love with the sea also search spam, spam is 1, you pass; 2, a change had a period of time?) more and more owners and friends in Shanghai called love, but you have not thought about: we have what qualifications to scold? Really to do station? I really go for the users show worth? We only use the fast ranking love Shanghai search engine algorithm vulnerabilities, get traffic to earn fast money. Has not considered the user experience. Many of our webmaster is from a new industry to master this line, we will be how to do? I believe that most owners are crazy early acquisition, to the Internet Create garbage.

: a 360 joint Sogou has a long way to go.

love Shanghai launched the original spark program, many people say that the first reliable, there are also some Adsense posting said, why I have no other original content ranking website on your website, my own.

if the webmaster friends wish 360 and Sogou are combined with their market share reached 30%? And how? In fact if you truly study will find the path of love before Sogou or Shanghai ones, the 360 is just a new up search engine, who really had much strength the quasi. But one thing is dramatic: some people promise not to do the bidding, but after a few days, ha ha.

for the webmaster, because most of the webmaster is to flow through the search engine, so we have been concerned about the search engine. Recently, the 360 acquisition was disappeared Sogou mass onto the stage, the various aspects of people have found that the webmaster forum There were many discussions. The guardian, also talk more, believe that the webmaster is Tucao rely on search engines to eat. Combined 360 and Sogou on how much impact the love of Shanghai? How many people think, really to the webmaster


two: love Shanghai is on track to purify the Internet environment.

I believe that many webmaster optimization is not good to do this one on the site, a loved Shanghai adjustment indelible no temper, that love Shanghai alone resulted in his big day so tragic, but the fact is it really? 360 can give a webmaster Sogou spring? In this regard, the guardian can to view your published: webmaster you wake up!

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