Google ranking factors analysis (1) domain name factors

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second, the words in the factors of the top-level domain name, when English Shanghai dragon is very important.

Google ranking factors influencing factors of

domain name

we do foreign trade of Shanghai dragon for a long time all know, Google ranking factors influence very much, every detail can lead to great website ranking floating, so in order to maintain or enhance the site’s ranking, we must understand and grasp each factor, starting from today, I will introduce the effect be arranged 200 factors of Google ranking, today we start talking about domain name.

ninth whois, the owner of a punishment, this is very miserable, if you’re in the black hat, but also by the Google brand, all sites that it will review your name.

The first

third, with the key words at the beginning of the domain name, what do you mean? Is very simple, that is your keyword package in the domain than in the domain name at the beginning of middle or end of course better, than domain name does not contain keywords more better than many times.

sixth, domain name history, this is one of the important factors, if a domain name repeated replacement of the owner, will lead to a serious problem is that Google will all links pointing to the domain name ruled invalid.

fourth, domain name registration, this is also very good understanding, Google believes that a number of advance payment years of the life of the domain name is more stable, this is that they come from the data analysis conclusion, because the door with a black cap technique domain and website domain names are usually do not last long, but the weight high website domain name the permissions are usually very long.

seventh, complete matching domain, this factor is a double-edged sword, for high quality website, which is advantage for low quality sites, but this does not mean that it is a good thing.

, domain name age, though, Matt Cutts worked in the video mentioned in "a domain age is a difference between the ages or half really is not so big!" but from this sentence we can see that Google is indeed the domain name age as the influence of the factors in the.

eighth, open and hidden whois, the element itself is not affect Google ranking, but if other aspects of your site by Google Google will be combined with doubt, if you hide the whois on your site to determine if there are penalties, say other aspects of website, and you just hide the Google whois will think your website cheating.

domain factors affecting Google ranking includes 10 parts.

tenth top-level domain name, this is a double-edged sword, in certain areas, such as:

fifth key words appear in the sub domain is helpful to improve website ranking, which is why the two blog causes.


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