Novice to learn Shanghai dragon must be based on the code knowledge and basic idea of Shanghai drago

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first, a positive attitude to set a goal for your study. I think we learn any knowledge, goals are our first concern, for example, I intend to use a long time to learn code knowledge? How long does it take to learn the basic station of Shanghai Longfeng layout optimization, and so on to a psychology to set their own, without a head, purposeless we learn any knowledge taboo. We must set up the correct target, adjust our attitude, we can inspire our strong learning motivation, the author thought that when I learn anything, not with others such as colleagues or classmates to do comparison, I will follow a truth, beat yourself, let tomorrow than today, every day is a new starting point, constantly self transcendence of self handicapping, I think this is a very important part of journey. He is their biggest rival, I found a lot of people, a lot of goals and plans, but at the end of the year that implement the things that people are scanty, mournful, I will sometimes exist these disadvantages, but even a moment of carelessness we cannot forget our goals and we do things to have to be vigilant, always remind yourself this is the key.

second, we must build its own independent site. A lot of friends learning website optimization, website can build up, I admit a lot of Shanghai Dragon Master dont really know the website construction, program code, but I just want to say, you are Shanghai dragon master? We are the theme of this article is for beginners, some of them in the Shanghai dragon gangster social relations can easily build N sites, so special to replace the general attitude that I think this is the novice the most of all things, the author provides the following ideas to build the site, you will own HTML code you can first try to use DW to do some static web pages, mainly through these pages of some station optimization keywords layout, several techniques, the use of the mark and so on, after doing these basic familiar with the code, have this talent can be In order to study their online open-source learning ASP or PHP enterprise station source code, source code to download the set >

as everyone knows, at present, with the rapid development of e-commerce, many enterprises to join the competition come in a throng, the Internet, as a new Shanghai, how can we in the fierce competition in the today to obtain a space for one person, a person’s identity and to share their original learning Shanghai Dragon in bit by bit, actually this the author has expressed the theme of discourse is very clear to the novice to learn Shanghai Longfeng base code knowledge and basic idea of Shanghai dragon together, through the basic strategy of Shanghai Longfeng and ideas to guide the direction of our optimization, through the website program control will come into the Shanghai Dragon thought do I think this is a complementary a novice to learn Shanghai dragon must go through the basic link, well, we continued the short gossip From the following aspects and you talk.

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