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3, this article page insert commodity link, insert the product page link technique, very accord with the principles of website structure optimization network, mutual links between pages, users of the products not only can learn more knowledge, more to improve the search engine on the other page crawl speed and give weight.

site structure optimization is the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng work. The structure of the station layout is good, not only conducive to users to find related pages and products, provide more convenient search engine on the web crawler to crawl and index. For e-commerce sites, because the natural product data, a large number of pages and directory classification, hierarchy and so can effectively position arrangement of each page and links, not only related to the user experience, but also related to the search engines on the site and included. The dynamic network techniques continue to lion beauty Lele in the station structure optimization on Home Furnishing network to share with you, provide some help to the development of Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon industry and electronic commerce industry.

Alexa query, Home Furnishing network beauty Lele daily IP PV close to 150 thousand, close to 1 million 700 thousand, the average IP opened 11 pages, and BBS forum two domain per page views reached 30 (home to 9.2>

open Home Furnishing beauty Lele home network, classification of goods in the level below the channel, there is a row of anchor text, pointing to the "decoration pictures" and "information" and "open forum" and other columns, these columns, each column will find the contents of each section are very rich, like a small vertical portal, inside the optimization of quantity and quality are very high. When the number for long tail optimization of many articles, you can open up into columns, each column publishes a category of the entrance, and then set the column navigation links on the website home page, to guide the direction of the search engine spiders crawl.



2, then any open a product page, at the bottom of the page will have a "customer reality show" function, the actual shooting results show users of the product, to open any customer real images, the user will enter: BBS forum posts page.


three, when the user reaches a certain size, open drainage, improve the user viscosity BBS forum

, the home page navigation column layout entrance link

1, opened an article in the article will be on the right side of the page, "promotions" recommendation, display the latest promotions of 6 random products, next to point to "anchor text", to guide the user to enter the promotion product details page or spider.

, two articles and merchandise page set mutual reverse link

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