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The density of

3. to forget words

Optimization promotion of

if the early in the site, we will collect a lot of information, to fill the pages of the site, first to search for some outstanding articles and users concerned about the relatively high degree of information, do remember not to use paste and copy software directly to be modified on the basis of fine article, add some of your thoughts so, every time the spider crawled in, you can taste the sweetness. I pay more attention to the good wine. Today to wine as an example. The summer Beer Festival is fond memories of the topic, good wine will seize the opportunity to do a special.

is complete, content is rich, easy to understand information reading. Once meet the reader’s requirements, the hits will be Everfount to.


title is the core of an article, and the key is the title of the eye, we can see the importance of title and keywords is self-evident. As everyone knows, the title words will appear, keywords ranking more than content first, target keywords as possible appear in front of the title, mainly because when readers browse usually love is from left to right, the important content is more likely to be placed in front of the user to see, this is the same to the search engine also, because the search engine in imitation of users, search engine keyword weight to the front of the title is the highest.

optimization is a long process, do not act with undue haste. Sometimes we have to emphasize the keyword density, may be counterproductive, cause the readability decline. So we need to do the inside pages according to the needs of users of the anchor text, anchor text to prevent a single, the diversity of the anchor text, will appear more natural, search engine optimization is the key to human nature, if the optimization is obvious, it is easy to play down the right treatment.

first, we must understand the stand outside promotion resources: blog promotion, Forum promotion, promotion space, Post Bar and questions, do stand outside promotion to do is to let you get in by every opening, customers the first time to see your information. If a web site is not included, may be appropriate to increase 3-5 a high weight link, but remember.


The importance of Title Optimization of


in the electronic commerce wantonly era, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the product site network promotion, however, they face a very troublesome thing, especially for small and medium enterprises in the promotion, can not find a clue, do not know how to grasp the direction and method of optimization has been carried out blindly. Finally, had to give up the network promotion work not completed. So according to my own so many years of experience, summed up the note editor website optimization, for your reference.


1. on editorial content note


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