Pay attention to the details and methods of Web site chain optimization

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three, the content of the page


in the previous article, I discussed the influence of some of the main reasons the website snapshot, so in the site of the chain to we have to pay attention to what the. The following several personal views from a bit of a cold site experience, I hope to help you.

two, the list page link optimization

tells the story of the last navigation link has two main purposes: one is to let customers have a good experience, improve the site’s conversion rate; second is to guide the spider climb up. So from the 2 perspective I summarize the optimization of the navigation bar should pay attention to the following points: 1, the navigation bar, try not to use pictures and flash, if it is to describe the pictures, please add. Because the spider simply cannot read the description of pictures, impossible to identify some of the links above. 2, navigation link writing should pay special attention to home connections do not xxx/index.php, direct xxx贵族宝贝. (in the choice of domain we generally recommend using贵族宝贝, a weight is about net than the CN, the two is high, the user in mind. 3), the best of each page has a navigation bar, it will be convenient for this from the spider into the home page will climb to each page of a navigation and then climb out.

, a navigation optimization

Link optimization of

tells the story of the last time we had a great influence of frequency and quality of the content of the website is updated on the website. If the site does not have new articles, the spider always empty handed, 2 will not come. Again is every time to that level of things, not the interest of the spider, the spider will not come. Once the spiders not to crawl, then it is difficult to attract the spider. So in the web page should note the following: 1, the links are generally connected to the noun. 2, the best is the original, this caused the interest of the spider, then add the link to guide the spider into the next link, but it should be noted that the link of the article should be content or text and related content. Suddenly turn or other content, it makes the spider mind not changed. This is for those who love to do sprocket proposed by friends a little suggestion. Of course, this problem does not exist to do inline.

list page optimization is mainly about the optimization program, the content page etc.. The list is mainly the product of their corresponding classification, easy for users to find products. Then we from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, every place I stand are for the service station. The list page is no exception, the best correlation and class table content in the list page links. In the list of names containing keywords named general recommendations. Key words as I do is cold medicine, in my column in the navigation bar and classification: cold cold, cold virus, knowledge navigation etc.. In the classification of the column, if the list has more than one, it is best to write out a list of pages, with such as: first pages, second pages. To do so is to let the spider crawling.

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