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Week four spring league basketball results

first_imgWeek four of spring league basketball concluded yesterday at North Peace Secondary School. Three of the four senior league games came down to the wire as they were decided by four points or less.In senior girls play Jiffy Lube got by D. Bauer 38-34. Jamie Salinas showed great shooting skill and good rebounds for Jiffy Lube. D. Bauer’s player of the game was Allyson Knight as she led by example and contributed on the score board.Motive 7 defeated Sunlife 49-39. Standing out for Motive 7 was Gillian Wuthrich with her play at both ends of the court. Martina Scheck showed solid hustle and good defence for Sunlife.- Advertisement -In the senior boys division both games were tight. D. Bauer edged Motive 7 68-67, and Sunlife beat Jiffy Lube 72-70.Dylan Mclain was the top player for D. Bauer for his solid rebounds and defence, and putting in a great performance for Motive 7 was Bret Olsen for his effort in the paint.Stepping up for Sunlife was Jatim Wang for his good hustle on the court, and the player of the game for Jiffy Lube was Devin Velkjar for his positive attitude and defensive play.Advertisement In the junior league contests, the players standing out were Bella Ziebart, Raya Heinrichs, Devon Lee, Maddison Holloway, Noah Telford, and Liam Peterson.last_img read more


Stars Show Their Support For VegWeek 2018

first_imgVegWeek 2018 is now officially underway — and the 7-Day VegPledge Challenge is on! More than 8,000 people including pro-plant celebrities, athletes, and other world-changers are exploring and enjoying the many flavors and fun of plant-based eating from April 16-22.The message is simple yet impactful: Together, we can change the world one week at a time!Hosted by Compassion Over Killing since 2009, this annual healthy-eating campaign, has taken root around the planet — and for the planet. VegWeek is celebrated around Earth Day (April 22) to highlight the powerfully protective environmental impact of choosing plant-based food.Raising animals for food is wreaking havoc on our planet and causing tremendous suffering. We can change this through our dietary choices. By putting plants on our plates, we can benefit the Earth, our health, and animals.To keep up this meatless momentum, stars are inspiring their fans to join them on the green carpet! VegWeek 2018 celebrity Endorsers include: Mya, Grey, Belinda Carlisle, and many others.Actress Alicia Silverstone even hand-picked a Moroccan Couscous With Saffron recipe from her book The Kind Diet, for her blog urging followers to eat green for Earth Week.Silverstone writes, “Making changes to your diet has one of the most powerful impacts on reducing one’s carbon footprint and helping heal the planet. Loved ones can take the ‘VegPledge’ for the week and receive tons of support and recipes.”VegPledgers receive exclusive offers and discounts from VegWeek Gold Sponsors: A Well-Fed World, Eat for the Planet, Follow Your Heart, The Jackfruit Company, Lady Freethinker, Miyoko’s Kitchen, Treeline Treenut Cheese, Veestro, and Vegan Essentials.Empowered by the many resources provided throughout VegWeek, many happy VegPledgers continue with vegan or vegetarian eating long after enjoying the campaign.For more information, please visit: VegWeek.com.last_img read more


Residential school survivor shares experience in book

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe legacy of residential schools is alive and well.School survivors tell their stories of the horrors they went through.One survivor has written a book about her experience.APTN’s Matt Thordarson has the story.last_img


Jets Muhammad Wilkerson Charged In Car Accident

New York Jets’ defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson, the team’s first-round draft pick in 2011, was charged with careless driving and failure to maintain his lane after he was involved in an accident in New Jersey during which the car he was driving overturned after striking another vehicle, a police spokesman confirmed.Wilkerson was transported to a Newark hospital after he crawled out of his car, according to New Jersey Garden State Trooper Christopher Kay, who added that there did not appear to be any other serious injuries suffered by anyone in the car that Wilkerson struck.Kay said Wilkerson was charged with careless driving and failure to maintain his lane after he struck a Toyota Sienna with his 2011 Dodge Challenger, according to the police report. Police responded after being notified of the accident at 4:29 a.m. on Saturday.Police don’t believe alcohol played a role in the accident.“First and foremost, other than the minor injuries, he’s OK and everyone else involved is OK but I do not have a lot of details,” said Chad Wiestling, the agent for Wilkerson.The Sienna that Wilkerson struck contained 10 people, Lieutenant Steven Jones, a spokesperson for the New Jersey State Police, said. Three complained of pain but none were treated, he said.Wilkerson’s Challenger “probably went more than 10 yards on the roof,” Jones said.Wilkerson reported to the Jets team facility Monday and was examined by the team’s medical staff.A Jets spokesperson said that Wilkerson needed stitches in his forearm after the accident, but that the injury should not interfere with his ability to be ready for training camp. Jets players are due to report on July 26. read more


Oppo F11 Pro takes to India with a 48megapixel rear camera

first_imgOppo The latest phone in Oppo’s F series lineup is promising to dazzle you with beautiful photos. And its 48-megapixel rear camera lives up to that promise.That rear camera is paired with a 5-megapixel depth sensor. And together the F11 Pro’s cameras do a great job of capturing images with plenty of detail, letting you zoom right down to the pixels. There’s also a night mode and the phone uses color mapping to identify and reconstruct the colors of a scene, which should help take better looking portrait shots. Oppo says it can even take great low-light portrait shots, a claim I’ve also tested. Oppo’s used AI to improve the phone’s camera features — the company claims it can recognize over 23 types of scenes and is capable of choosing the right settings to get the most out of a picture. Camera aside, the phone is quite the looker. The rear design has a gradient look that’s now a hallmark of Chinese phone makers, and it’s stunning. The pop-out front camera is placed in the middle and features a transparent design inspired by amber, which helps keep the focus on the 6.53-inch display — and Oppo says the screen uses its own memory (RAM) to help reduce power consumption.Oppo’s also designed the phone to make it easier to hold. The F11 Pro has a crescent design on the top and bottom and its rounded edges don’t dig into your palms. This should make it comfortable to hold and play games on. Phones Tags 0 Post a commentcenter_img Share your voice Following fans’ feedback on previous phones, Oppo has moved the speaker and microphone. The microphone is now in the middle of the phone, making it easier to pick up your voice if you’re playing a game and holding the phone horizontally.Other cool features include fast charging, which Oppo says can get the F11 Pro from 0 to full in just 80 minutes. Factor in the 4,000-mAh battery and the phone seems fit for all-day use. Note that the F11 doesn’t use a Qualcomm chip: It’s powered by an octa-core MediaTek Helio P70 instead. But I reckon it should hold up well against Qualcomm Snapdragon 660-powered phones.The F11 Pro runs Android 9 Pie, but it uses Oppo’s own ColorOS 6 on top. Unlike Vivo phones, it doesn’t just shoehorn in its own gesture control. It also includes Android P gesture controls, so you can find what works for you. The Smart Sidebar feature brings full-screen multitasking to the F11 Pro. Turn it on by swiping to the left from the right side. You can launch apps from the Smart Sidebar, quickly share recently opened files, start screen recording or snap a screenshot. Oppo’s latest F series phone isn’t a crazy high-end flagship phone, but it’s a solid midrange device. The F11 Pro is expected to hit markets in India first, then China and the rest of Asia pretty soon. But there’s no word on a US, UK or Australia launch. The 4GB RAM with 128GB of storage model will retail for around $285 converted (that’s £215 and AU$400) while the 6GB RAM with 64GB of onboard storage will go for around $355.Quick specsProcessor: MediaTek Helios P70 octa-core Memory: 6GB RAM, 64GB or 128GB onboard storageDisplay: 6.53-inch full-HD+ (2,340×1,080 pixels)Camera: Dual 48-megapixel and 5-megapixel rear, 16-megapixel f/2.0 frontBattery: 4,000-mAh battery with fast charging Oppolast_img read more


JBLs mighty little tower speaker is a keeper

first_img 2 Comments Share your voice JBL’s Stage A 170 tower speakers JBL In late 2018 I spent some quality time with a couple of high-end JBL horn speakers, the 4429 and S3900. Nice, but the 4429 sells for $5,000 a pair and the S3900 for $10,000 a pair! High-end to be sure, so I also wanted to spend some ears-on time with JBL’s considerably more affordable speakers and see how much of the magic trickled down. A few emails were exchanged and the company sent the Stage A170 tower speakers to my home. They sell for just $200 each on Amazon, how would they fare?The A170s cost as much as a decent set of stand mount speakers, but they take up the same amount of space and you don’t need to buy stands.It’s a “two and a half way” design with a pair of 5.25-inch polycellulose woofers, and a 1-inch aluminum tweeter set into a waveguide that focuses the A170’s high-frequency dispersion. The two and a half part means the two woofers are assigned slightly different tasks. The lower woofer works only as a woofer; the upper woofer goes just as low, but also reaches higher to blend with the tweeter. The A170’s impedance is rated at 6 ohms.The black vinyl wrap finish isn’t fancy, but the overall build quality is good. Black cloth grilles are included, and the rear baffle hosts two bass ports and sturdy bi-wire speaker cable connectors. The A170 is 37 inches tall, but just 7.5 inches wide and therefore might be accidentally tipped over, so JBL includes outrigger feet that can be fitted with either carpet piercing spikes or rubber feet to enhance stability.The Stage lineup features two more larger towers, the A180 ($280 each) and A190 ($360 each), and two bookshelves, the A120 ($160 a pair) and A130 ($250 a pair). If you’re interested in a home theater multichannel setup add one of the Stage center channel speakers, the A135C ($250 each) or A125C ($200 each), and a powered sub, either the A120P ($450) or A100P ($350). Coming up in a few weeks I’ll review the A130 bookshelf speaker.jbl-stage-series-productsThe complete JBL Stage lineup JBL The sound of JBLI auditioned the A170 with a NAD C 316BEE integrated amp and an Oppo UDP-203 Blu-ray player for most of my listening tests. Late in the review I moved up to a Schiit Aegir power amp running directly off the ‘203’s analog outputs, and my respect for the skinny A170s sound only grew stronger. The A170 made very ample bass, and it wasn’t just the quantity of the bass, but also the quality of it. The sound took me back to the heady days of the 1970s when JBL was nearly every rock music fan’s dream speaker. Those roots run deep.The heritage shone through: This speaker made a joyful sound; even when played pretty loud it didn’t overtly strain or turn harsh. Bass definition was good, but it’s the midbass texture/definition that grabbed and held my attention. When the need arose the A170 could deliver the warm growl of a baritone sax or the woody resonance of an acoustic bass. The midrange was nicely handled as well, there was a good sense of body and warmth on vocals. The tweeter could sound a tiny bit aggressive when the speakers were angled in, firing directly at the listening position. The fix was easy enough: Just reduce the toe-in; the treble smoothed out, and the sound was sweeter that way. The A170 wasn’t as vivid as the Klipsch RP 600M bookshelf speaker ($550 a pair), and that one’s dynamics kicked harder overall. Then again, the ‘600M didn’t have close to the bass oomph of the A170. Both were terrific, but most A170 owners wouldn’t need to add a subwoofer for music, the ‘600M would benefit with some low bass assistance. Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s 2010 album Mojo had plenty of get up and go. I like that the sound of this album is straight ahead, without flashy studio tricks, just a well honed band laying down terrific tracks. Especially Steve Ferrone’s drumming, he’s driving the tunes, and the A170s really delivered the goods. German prog-rock pioneers Can’s Future Days album positively lit up the A170s! The fierce polyrhythms were played with gusto, and the sheer beauty of the melodic lines of this 1972 album could still floor me. Future Days’ stereo mix is expansive, and the A170s did a good job presenting the soundstage depth that makes this music so special.The JBL Stage A170 is a slam-dunk winner, and positive proof that “large” speakers have it all over similarly priced bookshelf, aka stand mount, speakers! If you’re just now starting to get serious about the sound of your music, the A170 deserves your full attention. Tags The Audiophiliac Speakers Home Entertainmentlast_img read more


Close encounters When Daniel123 met Jane234 w video

first_img November Qbo 2011 video Always posing the question what-if, Francisco Paz and his Madrid based team, The Corpora, developers of the Qbo, work with Qbo as a robot project. The accent is not on robots with human consciousness but on robots with simulated consciousness. Nonetheless, always asking the question what-if, they posed a teaser for themselves.Now that they got the robot to recognize itself in the mirror, what about when one Qbo is faced with another Qbo, stacking them both with sensors and recognition software? © 2011 PhysOrg.com Kilobots bring us one step closer to a robot swarm Explore further More information: thecorpora.com/blog/?p=854center_img The Qbo is generally described as open source; it runs on Linux, has two cameras with stereoscopic vision and uses recognition software.They developed bots that talk to each other through Festival, a speech synthesis system, and Julius, a speech recognition engine. In their latest Qbo scenario, a green Daniel123, unaware that a Jane might be on life’s table, is told by its master to turn around, and that is when it encounters blue Jane 234. Daniel appears to be aware that Jane is a Qbo. Daniel and Jane sniff each other out, so to speak, by being programmed to generate nose flashes, to distinguish that there is another individual robot.The sniffing explanations make it tempting to imagine that the robots are independently flirting. The danger is to attribute human consciousness to robots that are not designed that way. Daniel may be able to understand it’s Jane, not himself, in the mirror, but only because it has been programmed that way by a clever human.The Corpora team is the first to dispel any magical human consciousness. They detail what makes Daniel and Jane see each other as separate, but approachable, on the team blog:“Inspired by this process of self-recognition in humans, we developed a new ROS [robot operating system] that is executed when the node “Object Recognizer,” previously trained, has identified a Qbo in the image. Using nose signals to see if the image seen by the robot matches its action, a Qbo can tell in real time whether he sees his image reflected in a mirror or he is watching another Qbo robot in front of him. The sequence of flashes of the nose is randomly generated in each process of recognition, so the probability that two robots generate the same sequence is very low, and even lower that they start to transmit it at the same time.” (PhysOrg.com) — Qbo robots created a stir recently when their developers succeeded in demonstrating that a Qbo can be trained to recognize itself in the mirror. Now the developers have taken their explorations into simulated consciousness a step further. A pair of Qbo robots, colored differently but still two Qbo entities, can recognize each other. Just as human earthling Harry met Sally, Qbo Daniel can meet Jane and they can exchange similarly empty-headed conversation. Citation: Close encounters: When Daniel123 met Jane234 (w/ video) (2012, January 4) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2012-01-encounters-daniel123-met-jane234-video.html This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more


Mythology redux

first_imgRam-Mat, a seminar cum dance presentation that explores range of perceptions on Ram and Ramatva that have now come to denote various qualities, some far removed from the virtuous embodiment which Rama had come to denote in earlier times. The presentation will also talk about The Veil, part of all cultures, where the concept of veiling is inseparable from its multiple related and unrelated expressions reconstructing symbols with great force. The show will be held on April 27 – 28  at Meghdoot theatre. The first day of the show will see a panel discussion on the subject of Ramatva by panelist like — Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami (Director, Caitanya Prema Samsthan), Ashok Vajpayi (poet, essayist, critic) and Mehru Jafer (author). Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The discussion will be followed by dance performance by Padmashri Guru Shovana Narayan on  Kab Aogey Rama featuring new perception on three aspects from the Ramayana and which was first premiered in 1984.The second day will have panel on the subject of The Veil by Pavan K Varma, Rakshanda Jalil and Arshiya Sethi. Narayan will be presenting short emotional and evocative delineation of The Veil (a short story by Ismat Chugtai). When: April 27 – 28Where: Meghdoot Theatrelast_img read more


Teasing your partner playfully can make lasting relationship

first_imgAre you always in a mood to tease your better half? Then there is good news. A new study suggests that couples who poke fun at each other, indicating humour, are more likely to stay together. The study showed that inside jokes are particularly important because they affirm ones relationship through laughter, the Daily Mail reported. However, couples who share mean-spirited jokes with nasty jibes are unlikely to last, which indicates a problem in the relationship. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”Playfulness between romantic partners is a crucial component in bonding and establishing relational security,” said Jeffrey Hall, Associate Professor from the University of Kansas in the US. “Particularly shared laughter is an important indicator of romantic attraction between potential mates,” Hall added. The team examined more than 150,000 participants to determine how important humour is in a romantic relationship. The results, published in the journal Personal Relationships, suggest that couples who create humour together – including inside jokes – are more likely to last. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveBut, this does not mean that people who are funny or can make a joke out of anything would be more lucky in love. “If you share a sense of what’s funny, it affirms you and affirms your relationship through laughter,” Hall was quoted as saying by Daily Mail. However, couples should not go too far, Hall warned. Importantly, having an aggressive sense of humour is a bad sign for the relationship in general, but it is worse if this style of humour is used in the relationship, the study noted.last_img read more