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Amateur Inventor Creates Realish Iron Man Suit

first_img Robert Downey Jr.’s Footprint Coalition Saves The Earth With TechMarvel Fans Create Petition Urging for the Return of Iron Man Stay on target At some point or another, you’ve wanted to be Iron Man. Or, more specifically, you’ve wanted to be Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. It’s okay to admit. He’s suave, witty, and he has that kick-ass suit. No one’s judging. Richard Browning, a 38-year-old Englishman, not satisfied with the fantasy decided to make his own working flight suit.The intrepid inventor unveiled his creation recently, and while it’s no match for the films or the comics, it’s still pretty impressive.Browning used an array of tiny jet engines attached to his body for thrust. He worked on the project for well over a year, tinkering with all sorts of variables until one day, he got it.Nicknamed Daedalus, after the mythical Greek inventor, the exosuit could, in theory, lift its pilot more than 300 feet off the ground and at speeds up to 60 mph. But Browning’s no daredevil, and he’s not flown more than a few feet up at relatively modest speeds.In time, he says, Browning will test longer flights. “There is also some parallel development going on with airbag and parachute technology to enhance safety and allow us to fly higher — for example, above water,” he told Live Science.If you want your own suit, it will run about a quarter million. “It’s something you can buy instead of a Lamborghini,” Browning quipped. “It’s not intended for mass markets at this stage.”Right now, steering is all done with the person’s own body strength. That’s no problem for Browning, an experienced ultramarathon runner, and callisthenic stuntman, but it certainly isn’t for everyone just yet.While it’s cool to see modern tech edge a bit closer to the fantastical Marvel universe, truly matching the capabilities of Stark’s suit is almost certainly impossible. Power is the big killer. Even if you can make it in a miniaturized fusion reactor, the heat would vaporize you instantly. Oh damn, now I’ve made myself sad… This is why I’m bitter, no how cool something is, I always gotta poke holes.But seriously, watch this stuff in action, it’s incredible.last_img read more


Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires “I think one of the biggest things is just the timing with the receivers, the timing with my pre-snap ritual with the play-clock and the protections and everything, just getting that down smooth — because we don’t practice with a play clock — so just making sure that, and that all should come naturally so just with a different system it just takes a little bit of time.”Though he has been with the team for nearly a year now, most of Barkley’s work last season was running the scout team offense, meaning he was asked to replicate the opponent’s scheme and not run Arizona’s. His first real chance to run his actual team’s offense came in OTAs, and he noted they’ve received “more and more looks in camp.”He felt prepared for Friday, however, and understands that while he and his offense showed flashes, they simply did not do as well as necessary.Barkley’s rough outing likely did him no favors in his effort to claim the team’s third quarterback spot. He’s currently locked in a battle with undrafted rookie Jake Coker, though it’s entirely possible neither will make the Week 1 53-man roster.Arians has discussed the possibility of the team keeping just two quarterbacks, though a third would still be with the organization as part of the practice squad, for which both Barkley and Coker are eligible. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The former USC Trojan understands the situation he finds himself in, knowing he will have precious few opportunities to prove he can effectively run the team’s offense this preseason.“When there’s nothing you can do about that, about how many reps you get or whatever, you kind of have no choice but to make the most of what you do get,” he said. “So just control what you can control, and that’s what I’m focused on from here on out.”Barkley’s desire to impress the coaches did not necessarily manifest itself in Sunday morning’s practice, as Arians said he was worse than he was Friday night.“He had a baby yesterday so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt,” he said, with a smile.The coach once again compared Barkley to a yo-yo, an analogy meant to describe how his play is up and down depending on the outing. The key for any QB is consistency, of course, and Barkley says the way to stop fluctuating and start stacking good days is to take everything one play at a time.“Just making sure that I’m focused on my reads, my sights, protections on that play, and that play alone,” he said.Barkley has plenty to focus on now, with his career on the field and life off it right now competing for his attention. Not surprisingly, his newborn is definitely on his mind, and there has not been much time for sleep or relaxation. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling But before you think the 25-year-old bolted quickly in order to avoid answering for his performance, know that instead, he was rushing on out of there to be with his wife, who was in labor and about to give birth to their second child.Jackson Barkley was born Saturday, and as the QB said, both baby and mom are healthy and doing well.The same was not said of his performance Friday.“Good and bad and ugly,” Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said after the game. “He had some really nice throws; forgot to send a motion on three plays in the formations for his receivers, so we didn’t have a play. But other than that, he did make some nice — he can make every throw, it’s just some of those little things he’s got to clean up.”Arians seemed especially peeved over the formation troubles, which at this point should not be an issue for Barkley. Acquired in exchange for a conditional seventh-round pick at the end of last preseason, he now has roughly a year with the organization and, in theory, should have a pretty good understanding of the team’s offense and situational football. His game stats did nothing to help his night look better, either.“I thought I had a lot of good moments and a few not good moments,” he said Sunday morning. “A lot to learn from. I think just being out here in this system for the first time in a game scenario, I came away with a lot.center_img “It was a late night — after the game we were up all night at the hospital and everything, and then a little sleep last night because of curfew, but not a whole lot,” the father of two young boys said. “Exciting weekend, though, nonetheless.” – / 15 Comments   Share   QB Matt Barkley throws a pass during training camp Aug. 10. (Photo by Adam Green) GLENDALE, Ariz. — No doubt Matt Barkley’s night Friday against the Oakland Raiders could have gone better.In his first game action of any kind in an Arizona Cardinals uniform, the former fourth-round pick completed just eight of 24 passes for 121 yards with one interception in Arizona’s 31-10 loss.Given that he’s battling for a roster spot as the team’s third quarterback, he was understandably a topic after the game, though he did not stick around the locker room long to talk to the media. Top Stories last_img read more